Top Things All Women Need to Know about Vaginal Health ...


Top Things All Women Need to Know  about Vaginal Health  ...
Top Things All Women Need to Know  about Vaginal Health  ...

Vaginal health isn’t a topic that often comes up and there’s a reason for that. It can be embarrassing to talk about! But if you’re a woman then it’s important. These’re some things you should know about your vaginal health.

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Your Diet Affects Your Vaginal Health

human action, person, eating, mouth, sense, You may have never realized this before but what you eat affects your vaginal health. Some foods aren’t good for your vagina if you eat too much of them. Sweets and carbs can both contribute to yeast infections if eaten in excess. On the flip side, there’re some foods that really good for your vaginal heath because they have live cultures in them. Yogurt and cottage cheese are two great ones to choose.


Your PH Balance is Fragile

beauty, sitting, leg, human body, photo shoot, Your vagina has a ph balance that can get off course. When that happens, you can experience irritation or even an infection. To keep your ph balance where it needs to be, use a gentle soap. Also, douching is a practice that most doctors recommend avoiding. To quote my gynecologist, the vagina is a self-cleaning part of your body.


Kegels Help More than Bladder Control

clothing, swimwear, muscle, sun tanning, supermodel, We’ve all heard that kegels are important to help with bladder control after childbirth and as you age. But did you know that they can enhance your pleasure during intercourse as well? Now that’s motivation to do them! Kegels are easy to do and can be done anywhere. Therefore, there’s no excuse not to!


Thongs Aren’t Your Friend

hair, clothing, black hair, person, image, Thongs are sexy little numbers but they aren’t exactly great for your vaginal health. They can cause irritation and yeast infections, especially if you’re prone to get them. Some women can wear them with no problem at all but others have a lot of problems and may not even realize what’s causing them. Pantyhose aren’t great either, because they’re made of fabric that’s not breathable. Leggings are a better choice, as are other styles of underwear other than a thong.


Not Every Infection is Yeast

footwear, clothing, human positions, leg, thigh, Yeast infections are common and most women will have at least one in their lifetime. Some unlucky girls experience them often. But not every vaginal infection is caused by yeast. There’re other infections and causes of vaginal itching. Bacterial Vaginosis, also called BV, is an infection easily mistaken for yeast. If you’ve got an infection that’s not responding to yeast infection medication, make an appointment with your doctor to see what’s going on.


Going Panty-less is Healthy

clothing, leg, hairstyle, photo shoot, footwear, Air makes your vagina happy. Wearing tight fitting underwear and clothing isn’t good for your lady parts. So when you can, go panty-less. Of course you may want to only do this when you’re home and lounging around in a nightshirt or pjs. That’s a completely personal decision. Just know that some freedom to breathe makes vaginal infections less likely.


Never Be Afraid to Talk to Your Doctor

hair, face, black hair, eyebrow, nose, It’s true that you may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable talking to your doctor about issues with your vaginal health. But it’s also true that there’s no reason to feel that way. While it may be something you don’t normally discuss, it’s something your doctor discusses every day. They need you to share with them so they can give you the best care possible.


It Tells You when You're Fertile

clothing, beauty, undergarment, swimwear, supermodel, For women struggling to get pregnant, or those tracking their symptoms to prevent pregnancy, always look to your vagina for guidance. The discharge you see throughout the month changes, when it's baby making time it'll be clear, sticky, and stretchy, almost like egg whites.


You Can Have Different Types or Orgasms

clothing, person, man, vacation, male, Men brag all the time about sex, now it's the ladies turn! The vagina is so complex yet sensitive it actually allows for FOUR different types of orgasms! Clitoral, vaginal (on the G Spot), blended, and multiple. Last time I checked men can only have one kind so ladies win!


There's No Such Thing as a Normal Vagina

hair, clothing, outerwear, hairstyle, sleeve, Never ever compare your vagina with your friends-first off it's kinda weird-secondly, there's no two vaginas made the same. The vulva, labia, and even clitoris can have different shapes and sizes. So don't worry about yours, unless of course you think there might be a problem.

I hope this’s been a helpful guide for you. Do you have any tips for good vaginal health? Your comments are always welcome.

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#6 is not accurate. Studies have shown that not wearing underwear or not is not going to significantly affect the vagina.

Not giving up things either.

@Danique when to squeeze your vagina muscles.. Hold it for about 5 seconds then relax.

I don't care for things either, that is why I go commando when I wear certain dresses and skirts

I'm sorry, but I can't give up thongs. I hate hate panty lines.

What are kegels :s

I was told that we arent supposed to wash with any soap just water but hmmm

Yes my pocket book is one of the cleanest thing on I take good care of her mild soaps are important be carefully with bubble baths salts and etc. reading education is a must.

@alka I totally agree with you.

If your vagina is not happy you can not be happy ;)

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