7 Health Benefits of Vanilla You Should Know about ...


I know I love vanilla flavor, and I bet you do too, but until last year, I didn’t know about all the health benefits of vanilla, and what such a simple, childhood favorite flavor could do for me nutrition-wise.

First, let’s talk about exactly what vanilla is.

Vanilla comes from one type of over 2,000 varieties of orchids that exist on the planet.

It’s thought of as one of the most amazing, unique foods nature has created.

And sure, while it makes for an amazing flavor to foods, which is my personal favorite even above chocolate, what most people don’t realize is just how incredible vanilla is for your mind and body.

So, let’s take a look at just what health benefits of vanilla can take this everyday ingredient, and upgrade it to a superfood in your own kitchen.

1. Lower Blood Pressure

Just smelling vanilla can actually lower your blood pressure, but eating it can actually provide one of the biggest health benefits of vanilla of all.

Vanilla has been found to lower blood pressure at measurable rates, and for this, is a great food to reduce stress.

Sugar Cravings
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