7 Health Facts All Women Should Know ...


Let’s face it, in a world that throws information at us by the second, we need a definite list of health facts every woman should know!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the latest food scandal, diet news or illness research, and much of the information we hear can’t really be used for anything anyway.

Here are the health facts every woman should know that you should definitely be aware of too – you can leave the rest behind!2

1. Green Tea is Great…

Okay, so green tea is regularly recommended for women anyway, usually because it works as an appetite suppressant.

But it’s not just a dietary aid – green tea is packed with compounds that promote bone growth, and prevent bones from weakening.

Preliminary studies suggest that these properties make it excellent for preventing osteoporosis – a condition which affects women four times more than men.

It’s definitely time to add green tea to your daily diet – this is one of the top health facts every woman should know, to make us all stronger!

2. Breast Cancer May Be Linked to Weight…

There is a whole host of reasons why someone might get cancer, from exposure to chemicals to your genetic make up.

What’s less well-known is that lifestyle choices can play a big part, too.

Breast cancer is thought to affect one in every eight women at one stage in their lifetime, and some studies have found overweight women are fifty percent more likely to get the disease.

Losing just half a stone can make a drastic difference to your chances, and most people can cut out some extra calories quite easily – go through your cupboards, fridge and shopping list, and swap everything for healthier versions.

Your body will thank you for it.

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