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Home made remedies for a sore throat are a great alternative to using antibiotics or a trip to see the doctor! Many of us deal with sore throats around this time of year, and so here are a few things you can do if one comes around bothering you. The best home made remedies for a sore throat are sometimes the easiest. Forget sucking on cough drops or taking cough syrup. Go the healthy way! My favorite tried and true home made remedies for a sore throat are just ahead, so keep on reading.

1. Salt Water

Salt water may not be the tastiest or most pleasant home made remedy for a sore throat, but it really works!2

All you need t do is dissolve a teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water, then gargle with it three times for 20 seconds each time.

It ma help to pinch your nose closed!

2. Licorice Root

I love to use Licorice root for sore throat!

It's one of my favorite home made sore throat remedies.

Licorice root has a naturally sweet taste to it so it's pleasant to take.

You can find it in herbal teas or in health food stores.

3. Slippery Elm

I've taken slippery elm as a cure for sore throats on more than one occasion.

It will help to soothe your throat, reduce irritation, and speed the healing process!

You can take it in a capsule form or in an herbal tea.

Either way, I guarantee this home made remedy for a sore throat will leave you feeling much better!

4. Avoid Dry Air

Dry air is one of the largest causes of sore throats.

It will also irritate the condition of a sore throat.

To help fix the problem, you can use a cold air humidifier.2

Leave one running in your house, and avoid spending long amounts of time outside during the cold if you have a sore throat or want to prevent one.

Drink Plenty of Fluids
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