7 Interesting Theories That Explain Why Sleep is Necessary ...


You all constantly hear about how getting plenty of sleep is essential to staying healthy and that you can reap tons of benefits from snoozing, but do you ever think about why sleep is necessary in the first place? Why do living creatures have the need to sleep, and what causes exhaustion? According to Dr. David G. Meyers at Hope College in Michigan, "sleep commands roughly one-third of our lives - some 25 years, on average". It is quite obvious that we need to sleep in order to "โ€ฆfeel refreshed, sustain better moods, and perform more efficient and accurate work". But isn't entirely clear why sleep is necessary and why humans require a certain amount of it. Psychologists are able to dish out a handful of fascinating theories as to why sleep evolved and they are totally worth checking out!

1. Sleep Protects

This is one of my favorite theories as to why sleep is necessary. As humans our lives shut down at night when we lose the light from the sun. This lack of light may not seem like a huge disadvantage to the modern-day human; however, our distant ancestors would have had a terribly difficult time being productive in the dark because they would have been unable to hunt, gather, or travel by night. Psychologists theorize that sleep evolved in order to force humans to hide and sleep until the sun rose. Falling asleep ensured that our ancestors would not attempt to wander around in the dark and encounter dangerous predators or lose their way.

Differences across Species
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