7 Reasons Coffee is Good for You and Why You Should Enjoy Your Cuppa ...


If you’re a fellow java lover like me, don't feel pressured to give up your coffee when someone tells you it's "bad" for you, because there are plenty of proven reasons coffee is good for you. Sure, drinking endless cups a day can lead to caffeine dependence, adrenal fatigue, increased heart rates and nervousness, but coffee in reasonable does is actually quiet good for you. Coffee has been linked to many, many proven health benefits for years now. Let go of the noise from coffee haters out there, and instead celebrate the many reasons coffee is good for you instead. Keep it at one to two cups a day and enjoy your cuppa, sans guilt!

1. It Can Improve Liver Health

One of the main reasons coffee is good for you, is it helps improve the health of your liver. Despite some people saying it is toxic to the liver, researchers have found that people who drink one to two cups a day of coffee, have a 43% lower chance of developing liver cancer, along with have improved liver function overall. This is due to the antioxidant known as chloerogenic acid found in coffee beans. You can also buy a raw coffee bean supplement to reap the same benefits, but I actually enjoy getting my antioxidants through my morning hot cup of coffee instead!

It Can Prevent and Help Treat Diabetes
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