Health Tests πŸ’‰ You Need πŸ’― to Schedule for Sometime ⏰ in 2017 ...


You might feel like you don’t need to see your doctor on a regular basis unless you are sick or you have a chronic health condition. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Part of the reason why regular doctor visits are recommended is because health experts are trained to detect problems and prevent them based on your family history and health status. Some routine tests are a prime first step in getting on top of your health and making sure you live a long life. This year is the perfect time to schedule the following tests.

1. Get Your Cholesterol Checked

High cholesterol can be a bad thing as it contributes to heart disease. A simple blood test can tell your doctor whether your cholesterol is normal or too high. Once you have this vital information, you and your physician can work together to create a lifestyle and medication regiment that can help you stay healthy.

Have Your Blood Pressure Measured
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