All the Facts You Need about Flotation Therapy ...

By Eliza

All the Facts You Need about Flotation Therapy ...

Flotation therapy involves being sealed in a chamber that is nearly full of water and then floating in there. The theory is that by shutting out light, sound and other distractions, you can ease stress and fully relax. The practice isn’t as common as acupuncture or other similar New Age treatments, but it is gaining in popularity so you may see it popping up near you. It’s always a good idea to learn more about something before you give it a try. Here are all the facts about flotation therapy that you need to know.

Table of contents:

  1. it might be scary at first
  2. you will have to remove your clothes
  3. you are in no danger of drowning
  4. avoid the pods if you have open sores or cuts
  5. the water is designed to fully relax you
  6. there are loads of other benefits
  7. you’ll notice mega skin benefits as well

1 It Might Be Scary at First

Many people who try flotation therapy report that it’s a bit unsettling in the beginning. Because you are closed into a lightless and soundless pod, you might feel a tad claustrophobic when you first get in. However, most people who have tried the therapy report that the feeling goes away after just a few minutes so stick it out, even if you’re nervous.

2 You Will Have to Remove Your Clothes

Don’t worry – it’s sanitary because the pods are cleaned between uses. The reason you go in naked is because the whole idea of the therapy is to eliminate distractions and let you focus on yourself. Some places that offer flotation therapy may allow you to wear clothes if you request it.

3 You Are in No Danger of Drowning

Call me crazy, but being trapped in a pod of water would likely make me fearful that I’d drown. However, the pods are filled with many pounds of Epsom salts, which will help you float. Also, the pods aren’t filled all the way up. There will be plenty of room for you to keep your face above the water while you float so don’t worry that you could go under.

4 Avoid the Pods if You Have Open Sores or Cuts

As I said before, the pods are completely sterilized between uses so there’s no risk of infection. However, if you’ve ever had salt in a wound, you know how much it stings. For that reason, it’s advised that you don’t shave for 24 hours before you get in the pod and to reschedule if you have a new cut or sore on your body.

5 The Water is Designed to Fully Relax You

Most people who have undergone flotation therapy say that after just a few minutes, they give in the feeling of floating and that they are able to relax and let go of worries and concerns. By getting in the flotation pod on a regular basis, you can control your stress levels, something that enhances overall health.

6 There Are Loads of Other Benefits

In addition to stress relief, flotation therapy has also been linked to other health perks. Some research shows that it can improve blood pressure and lower your levels of stress hormones. This is great because regular blood pressure protects your heart and controlled hormone levels can help you regulate a healthy appetite and stay healthy in general. Cool, right? Flotation therapy can also help ease chronic back pain.

7 You’ll Notice Mega Skin Benefits as Well

Many ladies who have crawled out of the floatation therapy pod also report smooth, silky skin. The Epsom salts can be part of this, but high stress levels can also interfere with healthy skin so it makes sense that relaxing can boost circulation and make skin look and feel better.

Ever tried flotation therapy? If not, do you think you’d ever give it a try?

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