Self-Care Tips for Workaholics Who Never Take a Break ...


Having been a serious workaholic myself in the past, I know that the one thing you pay least attention to is yourself. Workaholics neglect giving themselves the care that they need in terms of general health and R&R. When you’re in workaholic phase you think you just don’t have time for a cup of tea or a visit to your doctor for a check up. But it’s incredibly important to look after yourself and find time in even the busiest schedule for some self care:

1. Get Regular Sleep

One of the key ways to looks after yourself when you’re a workaholic is to make sure that you get enough rest at night to be able to function in the hard hitting, never-stopping way that you do during the day time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a strong, committed work ethic, but to balance out your physical and emotional health, you have to make sure that your mind and body gets enough rest to be able support you when you are giving 110% at work on a regular basis.

Listen to Your Body
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