7 Side Effects of Stress to Look out for ...


The side effects of stress are incredible. I mean, we all know that stress isnโ€™t good for us, but sometimes itโ€™s unavoidable. If stress becomes intense or long-term, the body starts to react, and Iโ€™ve been experiencing some of that first hand recently. Whatโ€™s stranger is that the side effects of stress are so rarely talked about, that people donโ€™t realize what they are. Check this list, and see if your stress is affecting you more than you think.

1. You Get Old

One of the least-known side effects of stress is that it makes you age. People who are prone to stress and depression have shorter telomeres, which are caps on the ends of chromosomes. These chromosomes are linked to ageing, and the shorter the cap, the faster someone ages. Scientists recently discovered that this affects girls as young as 10. Incredible. While ageing might not be a big concern right now, itโ€™s a good reason to keep stress under control.

You Get Forgetful
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