7 Signs You Need a Mental Health Day ...


Sometimes life can get the best of us, and when that happens it’s important to take a step back and consider indulging in a much-needed mental health day.

While an existence free of all pressure may be unfathomable, it is still important to maintain a healthy sense of stability.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, under the weather or overworked, maybe a mental health day is exactly what you need to recharge yourself inside and out.

Here are seven signs it's time for a break.

1. Sleep Deprivation

There's a difference between waking up a bit tired and teetering the line of exhaustion.

If feeling overtired has become a part of your daily routine, then you are absolutely in need of a mental health day.

A lack of sleep can lead to dizziness, confusion and blurred vision, not to mention make even the happiest of us ladies quite crabby!2

Sleep is essential to your well-being, and crucial for taking on the world.

Allowing yourself a day to sleep in and stay under the covers until your body feels rejuvenated is a great way to get back on track for the future.

2. Stress

While stress is a burden we all must carry, there is a limit to how much strain you should allow on your life.2

If you are constantly feeling overwhelmed about the tasks you must perform or the situations you find yourself in, then it is time to consider adjusting a few things.

When we forget to actively mediate the stress in our lives, before we know it, it tends to develop into an entirely different animal.

Maintaining balance is essential to overall health and happiness, so if a quick time-out feels right to you take it as an indication that it is.

3. Anxiety

Any level of anxiety can be taxing to one's well being, but amplify its presence in your life, and the results can be truly detrimental.

There is a reason why comparing worrying to a rocking chair has become so popularized, because it's true!

Often times our worrying will have little affect on the outcome of a given scenario, and yet it is human nature for us to feel a sense of concern, regardless.

If you find that your anxiety about even the smallest things in daily life are becoming a distraction, then taking a day to reflect on what you can and cannot control may be the saving grace you need to free yourself from the weight of unnecessary worry.

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