7 Signs You Need a Mental Health Day ...


Sometimes life can get the best of us, and when that happens it’s important to take a step back and consider indulging in a much-needed mental health day. While an existence free of all pressure may be unfathomable, it is still important to maintain a healthy sense of stability. If you are feeling overwhelmed, under the weather or overworked, maybe a mental health day is exactly what you need to recharge yourself inside and out. Here are seven signs it's time for a break.

1. Sleep Deprivation

There's a difference between waking up a bit tired and teetering the line of exhaustion. If feeling overtired has become a part of your daily routine, then you are absolutely in need of a mental health day. A lack of sleep can lead to dizziness, confusion and blurred vision, not to mention make even the happiest of us ladies quite crabby! Sleep is essential to your well-being, and crucial for taking on the world. Allowing yourself a day to sleep in and stay under the covers until your body feels rejuvenated is a great way to get back on track for the future.

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