7 Signs You're Drinking Too Much Water ...


If you are constantly drinking water, you should be aware of the signs you’re drinking too much water. With everything you hear and read about drinking water, you might think that you need to drink a lot of water to be healthy. In fact, there are some people who recommend drinking a gallon of water a day for health. While it is true that staying hydrated is extremely important, you can consume too much water. How much water you need depends upon your size, activity level, and the type of food you eat. You may be well intentioned by trying to drink a lot of water, but you could be drinking too much. If you suspect you might be doing that, you should pay attention to the followings signs you’re drinking too much water.

1. Electrolyte Imbalance

An electrolyte imbalance is one of the signs you’re drinking too much water. Electrolytes are mineral salts, like sodium and potassium, that your body needs. They help your body carry electrical impulses, which means they are especially important for heart and nerve function. Drinking too much water can dilute the electrolytes, causing you to have low levels of electrolytes. Having low electrolytes is a serious problem that can result in unpleasant symptoms like headaches.

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