The New Rules πŸ“œ to Follow for Hydration πŸ’¦ ...


For those of you that are active or just looking to regulate your hydration levels, experts agree that we cannot all follow the same rule of 8-10 glasses of water per day.

If you are very active you may need more.

Or maybe you’re sitting at a desk all day?

Then you will be fine on 7 glasses per day.

We must drink to slake our thirst but be careful not to drink too much or we can lose nutrients.

It is not just a simple equation.

We have to be smart and listen to our body.

To perform your best and feel like a champ, follow these new rules of hydration!

1. Drink According to Your Thirst

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Opposed to what we once thought, it is not a one size fits all philosophy for drinking water.

Experts advise to drink according to when you are thirsty.

Usually this will be 6 or 7 glasses of water a day but if you are very active it may be several more.

Slight dehydration will have no impact on your health but over hydration will.

So listen to your body and drink when you are thirsty!

2. Aim to Slow Dehydration

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In the past we always followed the thinking of drink plenty to avoid becoming dehydrated.

I followed this too.

But from the latest research, times are changing.2

Studies have revealed several contradictions with this advice.

For one, when athletes drink according to thirst, they usually replace only slightly less than three quarters of the fluid they lose, but studies have shown that this state of slight dehydration does not harm performance or health.

Additionally you can overdo it by drinking too much if you follow this thinking.

3. Don’t Go on Aqua Overload

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Too much water and you can get sick, or even suffer from hyponatremia, a sometimes fatal condition.

I have done this in a marathon or two.

Drinking too much water can take the life out of you.

Drink according to your thirst and do not overdo it!

Don’t Avoid Drinking Either
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