These 7 Chemicals Are Affecting Your Hormones ...


Ever wonder how chemicals are affecting your hormones? We live in a toxic world that can leave our bodies screaming for help. While technology advances are good in some ways, they are bad in others. Some of these advances lend themselves to dangerous chemicals that we let into our homes and lives unknowingly. As with anything, education is key. Find out what chemicals are affecting your hormones so you can avoid them.

1. BPA

BPA is also known as Bisphenol A. You may know it to be a chemical in plastics, but did you also know it is found in the lining of cans used to contain foods? Despite recent media coverage and cries for concern, many manufacturers still use BPA lined cans and plastics. If you want to avoid BPA, don’t use containers marked with a 3 or a 7 on them for recycling. They contain BPA. Keep reading to learn about how more chemicals are affecting your hormones.

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