9 Things to Know about Donating Blood ...


There are some things to know about donating blood that will help ease you into the whole experience if you are considering becoming a donor.

Giving blood is one of the easiest selfless things to do in this world.

You could actually save a life in return for less than an hour of your time.3

If you’re ready to become a donor, read through these things to know about donating blood and make your first trip as easy as possible.

If you aren’t yet decided, please read them and decide if it is something you will consider doing.2

1. Know Where to Donate

The first of the things to know about donating blood, especially if I have fired you up into thinking it’s a great thing to do, is that you cannot walk into a hospital or doctor’s office and simply offer to donate your blood.

Although it is a noble and selfless gesture, there are specific places where you need to go when donating blood.2

The Red Cross is one of those places collecting nearly half of all the blood that people donate.

Check local newspapers, publications or websites to see if there is a blood donation center or even a blood drive in your area.

Wear the Right Clothing
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