7 Tips to Prevent Office Back Pain ...


Back Pain is surprisingly common and is not just in the realm of the elderly or people who have suffered injury, pain or medical conditions such as a slipped disc. For those of us who have sedentary office jobs (or indeed any job where we sit for long periods) back pain is a very real problem. Many of us don’t give much regard as to how to prevent back pain, ignore it or dismiss it as just something we have to put up with. Maybe it doesn’t feel too bad and once you get home or have wondered around for a while the dull ache or soreness disappears. That is all very well and good but, if you do nothing to prevent back pain whilst you’re young, fit and healthy, you might well be storing up problems for later years. To minimise the risk of developing a chronic condition here’s 7 Tips to Prevent Office Back Pain:

1. Unrelenting and Unceasing

One of the biggest causes of office back pain is sitting in the same position for a long period of time. Remember all those times your mother and teachers told you to sit up straight? Well it all had a purpose. Posture is very important if you want to prevent back pain and particularly if you are tied to your desk for hours on end. Make sure you have a decent chair with an adjustable back seat and height. Also changing your position regularly can help prevent back pain.

Sit Back and Relax
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