8 Tricks to Fall Asleep You Should Try ...


Tricks To Fall Asleep can come in handy on those restless nights.

Sometimes falling asleep can be a real chore!2

You try, but no matter how many sheep you count or how many times you roll over, you still just can't drift off to la-la land.

Well, the good news is, there are some tricks to fall asleep you should try that can help!

I know, because they have worked for me many times.

Here is my top tricks to fall asleep you should try!

You will be sleeping like a little baby in no time at all!

1. Get Active

Get Active

If you lay around all day and do nothing to tire yourself out, of course you won't be sleepy at night!

Get active and do some things to make yourself tired.

Exercise is a good place to start, not only because it will wear you out, but exercise promotes healthy sleeping patterns and physical fitness.

So get to the gym or take a light jog through the park!

2. Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight

My husband and I employ this trick to fall asleep and it works like a charm!

A few minutes before heading to bed, turn your AC down low.

You will sleep better in a cooler temperature!

You can also have a fan or two blowing on you as you drift off for maximum effect.

3. Relax


Before trying to fall asleep, it's important to wind down for the evening.2

Do something that relaxes you.

Some people like to read, others like to meditate or watch television.

Try taking a warm bath or shower to help your muscles relax, and maybe rub on a lavender scented lotion to soothe your senses.

4. Food for Thought

Food for Thought

There are certain foods you should avoid close to bedtime.

Obviously anything with caffeine will get you wired up and make it difficult to fall asleep!

it's also important not to eat too heavy of a meal or anything that might be hard to digest late in the evening.

Digestion will keep a good many people up throughout the night!

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