Watch out Ladies! Diseases You Can Get Just by Kissing ...


Of course youโ€™re being careful not to get sexually transmitted diseases, but some illnesses can be spread just by kissing. Anytime you get close enough to someone to share bodily fluids, you should be questioning that personโ€™s history. If someone you want to kiss is clearly sick, you need to hold off on the intimacy until that person feels better. Here are some illnesses you can come down with if you kiss someone who has it.

1. The Common Cold is a Possibility

A cold isnโ€™t the worst thing that will ever happen to you, but you probably donโ€™t want to deal with it. A cold can make you sniffly, cause a cough or make your nose drippy. In other words, youโ€™ll be overall miserable. Kissing a partner who has a cold makes it pretty likely that youโ€™ll get one too. Itโ€™s probably better to take a break.

Mono Can Be Passed through Kissing
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