Fool Proof πŸ’‘ Ways to Strengthen πŸ’ͺ🏼 Your Heart πŸ’š ...


Unlike The Doctor, you only have one heart and because it carries you through life and has to work hard, you really should look after it.

Did you know it beats more than 10,000 times a day?

And did you also know that heart disease kills more young women than breast cancer?

Now you’re more interested in ways to strengthen your heart – right?2

1. Avoid Eating Too Much Saturated Fat

Too much saturated fat intake can lead to high cholesterol.

You can reduce your intake by making small changes to your diet: swap full-fat milk and yogurt for skimmed and reduced fat varieties;

steam and grill food instead of frying everything;

choose lean poultry meats and fish over red meat.

Use olive oil and other unsaturated fats whenever possible.

2. Watch Your Salt Intake

Since food manufacturers are quite sneaky in the way they add salt to practically every processed food (and in some cases drink) we consume, we have to be more watchful than ever.

You should not have more than 1.5g of salt per 100g, which is considered a high intake.

Stick to 6g maximum per day, so you don't end up developing high blood pressure.

Check nutrition labels on food carefully.

Even your morning can cereal contain salt!

Instead of giving in to your salt shaker addiction, use herbs, freshly ground black pepper, garlic, spices or lime and lemon juice to add flavor to your meals.

3. Restrict Your Sugar Consumption

Eating too much sugar increases the risk of a heart attack, even if you're not obese or overweight and do regular exercise.

You don't have to do without sugar in your diet completely.

Tracy Parker, British Heart Foundation's Heart Health Dietician, recommends cutting down on added sugars to start you off on the sugar-less path.

"Replace sugary drinks with water or sugar-free versions, and instead of biscuits, try snacking on unsalted nuts or plain popcorn," she explains.

You could also eat more fruit...

Get Moving
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