What Every Girl Should Know about Her Nipples ...

Innies, outies, big or small, all women have nipples.

What may be useless appendages on men (why do men have nipples anyway?) are of huge significance to the female body.

And you probably should know more about those little nubs on your breasts than you do.

Here are some pertinent facts about your nipples:

1. Everybodyโ€™s Nipples Are Different

One of the most important facts about nipples to know is that there is no such thing the โ€˜perfectโ€™ pair.

No two nipples are alike and that is completely normal.

Some womenโ€™s areolas are big;

some womenโ€™s are small.

Some womenโ€™s have little smooth bumps on them, some womenโ€™s donโ€™t.

It is really important for body confidence that you do not feel like you are the odd one out.

Rest assured that absolutely everybodyโ€™s nipples are different shapes and sizes and that is completely fine.