7 Wonderful Benefits of Hugging ...


Before I launch into the benefits of hugging I want to share with you a wonderful sentiment. Virginia Satir – a renowned family therapist and social worker said β€œWe need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.” She obviously thought hugs are a magical thing but also a necessity in life. So let’s take a look at some of the wonderful benefits of hugging.

1. Hugs Prevent Illness and Disease

Although hugs are best known simply for how good they feel, one of the benefits of hugging include the prevention of disease. Over 100 studies from the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami seem to provide evidence that affectionate hugging and touching reduces stress, which in itself reduces diseases. However, hugging can also contribute to reduced pain, improved immune systems in people with cancer, and deceased autoimmune disease symptoms.

Hugging Raises Feel-good Chemicals in Our Bodies
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