7 All-Natural Snacks to Boost Your Energy Levels ...


7 All-Natural Snacks to Boost Your Energy Levels ...
7 All-Natural Snacks to Boost Your Energy Levels ...

Peaks and troughs in your daily energy levels are just a part of life ladies, but certain aspects of our modern routine tend to aggravate the extremes of these highs and lows. Many of us deal with energy flat-lines by glugging back six cups of coffee and grabbing a donut; or worse, we down sugar and caffeine loaded energy drinks. This kind of strategy gets you an intense, immediate buzz, but this serious energy spike quickly deteriorates into a horrendous, plunging low. The key to sustaining a relatively steady level of energy lies in regular exercise, around six hours of sleep a night, and a diet that’s packed with food your body can use slowly and efficiently. Here’s a list of 7 super, all-natural snacks that will keep you feeling vibrant throughout the day …

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Nuts are an easy snack to carry with you in a little container because they don’t get soggy or spoiled during a day in your handbag. Almonds are fab pick-me-up and contain a variety of energy-producing nutrients. They’re rich in manganese, magnesium and Vitamin B2. In addition, the fibre in almonds helps to regulate blood sugar and so prevents that four o’ clock sugar craving which even diet goddesses have trouble resisting.


Soy Bean

Boil them and add them to a salad of piquant peppers, rocket and goat’s cheese, or simply eat them straight out of the shell. Soy beans are full of tryptophan which helps to stabilise your appetite and even regulates your sleeping pattern. They’re also packed with proteins, fibre and omega-3 fatty acids to promote sharp mental functions and help to avoid energy crashes.



Pineapple is a tasty, nutritious power fruit that’s simply packed with manganese, B vitamins and natural fibres. It’s a great source of fructose – sugar that naturally occurs in fruits – and water which keeps you hyrdrated and promotes an alert state of mind. Eat it chopped up plain or in fruit salad, or get yourself a glass of fresh pineapple juice for a quick energy fix.


Complex Carbs

Complex carbohydrates, like whole wheat breads and cereals, break down slowly in the body and so they release energy over time, and not all at once. This means you’ll feel alert for a sustained period and won’t experience any peaks and slumps. Make yourself a lunch sandwich of whole grain bread, turkey breast, light mayo and lettuce for a midday meal that’ll keep you going till dinner.



You’ve heard it before girls and it’s still true: drinking plenty of water – about 6-8 glasses – helps to keep you bright eyed and bushy tailed throughout the day. Dehydration causes feeling of drowsiness and it also slows down mental function considerably. Instead of reaching for that coffee cup next time girls, take a sip from that water bottle first; I guaranteed you’ll feel perkier even without the caffeine.


Pumpkin Seeds

I know these sounds like bird food ladies, but they’re actually pretty tasty. Pumpkin seeds are rich in magnesium which fights fatigue and keeps you alert. They’re also a really great mid morning or afternoon snack because they’re easy to carry with you in your handbag. Eat them plain or sprinkle over a salad for an extra energy kick.



Yoghurt is full of healthy carbs and is great for intestinal health as well. Because it’s a liquid, your body absorbs it quickly so it gives you an immediate energy boost. Go for a

plain Bulgarian variety; these are low in fat and include little or no added sugar. Stir a few chopped berries through for a tasty breakfast or morning snacking, or cover in honey as a special treat.

What are your thoughts ladies? Are you a fan of healthy snacking? Or would you rather grab a giant latte and a pizza slice to give flagging energy levels a boost?

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