8 Healthy Lunch Ideas ...


8 Healthy Lunch Ideas ...
8 Healthy Lunch Ideas ...

Healthy lunch ideas are so important, now that we’re all back to school. Sure, it might be easier to grab fast food, or to open a can of soup, but we know these aren’t the best, or healthiest choices. I can help! Here are 8 healthy lunch ideas.

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Fresh Fruits

What child, or adult, for that matter, doesn’t have a sweet tooth? But rather than packing cookies or candy in lunch, why not pack a piece of fresh fruit, like an apple or pear, or a baggie of berries or grapes? You’ll cure the sweet craving, but without the extra sugar.


Fresh Veggies

Along with fresh fruit, another healthy lunch idea includes fresh veggies. Did you know that we ought to all be getting 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables? A great way to sneak in an extra one of those servings is a little baggie of carrot sticks in your lunch box!


Lean Meats

Lean meats are not, I repeat not, processed lunch meats. That means grilled chicken in your salad, not a big ole ham sandwich with mayo! Lean meats will provide a serving of healthy protein, which will also give you a boost of energy to last until dinner.


Whole Grains

I tend to be an afternoon snacker, unless I have a serving of whole wheat in my lunch. So here’s another healthy lunch idea: fresh hummus with whole-wheat pitas! Yum!



Ah-ha! Here’s another healthy lunch idea that includes a burst of energy! A handful (or baggie full) of low-fat, low-cholesterol nuts, is an excellent addition to your lunch bag. They’ll also curb your salt craving, too.



I absolutely love pasta for lunch, especially with a dash of olive oil and a handful of cooked fresh vegetables, like diced tomatoes. It’s easy to make, too, by microwaving the pre-cooked noodles and tossing afterwards.


Milk or Water

Why not skip the soda and wash lunch down with skim milk, or even better, water? Your body’s been working all morning long, and even if you don’t feel thirsty, you might be dehydrated.


Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods, like canned soups, pastas, and lunch meats, are all loaded with nasty preservatives, far too much fat, and loads of sodium. Skip these in favor of all of the above alternatives and you’ll feel a lot better all day long!

See? Healthy lunches can be fast and easy and downright tasty, too! I love veggie pasta for lunch, and washing it all down with milk or water gives me energy to face the rest of my school day (including world geography). Which of these is your favorite healthy lunch idea? Or do you have another lunch-time standby to share?

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pasa is so bad for u

Skim milk is bad for you!!!

This is such a good post, I'm currently obsessed with this page!!!

thank you

So you recommend pasta, but then say not to eat processed foods like pasta?

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