7 Foods with the Most Calories ...


7 Foods with the Most Calories ...
7 Foods with the Most Calories ...

Dieting is all about what you eat and not necessarily how much you eat. If you are in a weight-watcher’s program and regard all that you are eating with utmost suspicion, here are 7 foods with the most calories that you might want to keep an eye out for. While you can draw up a virtually endless list of high-calories foods, I’ve focused on foods that are usually found in an average person’s diet. Some of the foods on this list are eye-openers. While you generally expect chocolates, cheese, and nuts to be high in calories, there are few items in here that are surprising to say the least. Check them out and let your eyes pop out of your head!

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You may have thought that fruits are generally low-cal. Well, avocados are the black sheep of the family. With 1 medium sized avocado totaling over 300 calories, it’s the highest calorie fruit known to man. At the same time, you can’t argue with the benefits it provides the body, since it’s considered a rich source of fiber, vitamin C and heart-friendly monounsaturated fat.


Peanut Butter

Munching away happily on a peanut butter sandwich thinking it’s a healthy and low-cal snack? Well, think again. 2 tbsp of peanut butter has more than 200 calories. How many tbsp did you slather on your bread today?



Not a sight you’d expect to see on a list of foods with most calories, I know. Although the idea sounds rather laughable that a cup of peas could throw your diet out of control, it is in fact true. However, there’s no denying that they are also a storehouse of proteins and fiber. So, don’t give up peas entirely; try eating in moderation, though!



Are you in the habit of grabbing a bagel on your way to work? Or maybe, you have it as an in-between meals snack. After all, anything that feels so light in your hands could hardly be so bad. That’s where you are wrong. Even a plain bagel packs in more than 500 calories. Imagine what happens when you top it with cream cheese or butter. If you absolutely love bagels and can’t think of life without them, why don’t you opt for the healthier and slimmer versions that have hit the market recently? Makes a lot more sense, doesn’t it?



Although touted as a health food, just a quarter cup of granola totals up to more than 200 calories. So…that bowl of granola and milk you have every morning actually means you are shoveling in upwards of 600 calories. Ouch! Sure, it has really healthy stuff in there like oats, nuts, and dried fruits – but that’s way too many calories to have at one meal.



This is yet another vegetable that’s an unusual entry for foods with most calories. Although a rich source of complex carbs, proteins, and fiber, a cup of beans can have up to 275 calories. And in times when every single calorie means the difference between a size 10 and a size 8, you’d be better off exercising caution.


Fruit Smoothies

Yet another imposter, commercially prepared fruit smoothies are not as diet-friendly as you imagined it to be. Made from fruit juice and loads of sugar, smoothies are dangerously high in calories. Even a small 16 ounce smoothie contains upwards of 350 calories. And here, you’ve been guzzling down tall glasses of this stuff!

When talking about foods with the most calories, a lot of people immediately associate it as being unhealthy and bad for the body. However, some of the foods mentioned here can inarguably great benefits for the body. While they would do excellently in the diet of a person who is an athlete or someone looking to gain weight, you need to exercise caution, if you are trying to lose weight. After all, you do want to get into that sexy red dress you saw in the shop window, don’t you?

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