7 Scariest Invasive Surgeries ...


7 Scariest Invasive Surgeries ...
7 Scariest Invasive Surgeries ...

Most of us are terrified of hospitals and never more so than in the unfortunate event that we are going under the knife. There are enough medical dramas on television to give us a first hand look at what happens inside a hospital and how the surgeon’s skill is paramount to a successful outcome. Invasive surgeries are perhaps the most frightening because it means that someone is cutting into our vital organs to set them right. Here are 7 of the scariest invasive surgeries.

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Brain Surgery

Our brains are what make us who we are. Our entire knowledge, memory, understanding and reasoning ability stems from the brain. So naturally it is more than a little scary to imagine our skull split open on the operating table and a surgeon using a pair of glittering tools while fiddling with our neurons. No matter how ‘Mcdreamy’ he is, that’s a definite no-go.


Open Heart Surgery

For most of us who have not gone to medical school, we have a fairly primitive understanding of how the body functions. It’s simple, the heart is what keeps the body going and if the heart stops, we die. So naturally the thought of going through any kind of surgery involving cutting open the heart or the area around the heart can send shivers down the spine.


Spine Surgery

The problem with spine surgery is that we hear far too many horror stories about people getting paralyzed because of one small misplacement of a bone. This fear reaches disproportionate heights when we imagine ourselves actually undergoing an invasive procedure where a doctor cuts open our spine and messes about with our precious vertebrae.


Transplant Surgery

A transplant implies that one of our organs is not working or good enough and some one else’s organ is going to replace it. Is that really even possible? Can doctors actually just replace organs and get them to work as usual? Once again the fear of the unknown to make us run away from the procedure, as fast as our legs can take us.


Orthopedic Surgery

We now move from the operations that are scary because we might die those that are scary because of the potential pain or disability that might result. Orthopedic surgery is any procedure performed on our bones or in medical terms, our musculoskeletal system. We are all acutely mindful that if it’s not done right, we may not be able to walk or move the way we used to. Isn’t that scary enough?


Eye Surgery

The eye is one of those organs that we instinctively protect. We consider it our most delicate so if we are forced to undergo a procedure that requires doctors poking needles into this most vulnerable of locations, its definitely a scary thought.


Dental Surgery

Going to the dentist is universally one of the least popular things for people to do. Getting oral surgery like removing a tooth or getting your gums treated is ten times more unbearable.

We all would like to live in a world without hospitals and serious surgeries. Unfortunately sometimes we aren’t so lucky and we have to be brave especially if we’re faced with one of the 7 procedures mentioned above.

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