7 Tips for a Jogging Date ...


7 Tips for a Jogging Date ...
7 Tips for a Jogging Date ...

Look, I'll admit that I don't jog. However, I might have to start, because in the first place, I've been checking out a lot of exercises couples can do together and jogging is always at the top of the list, and in the second place, I've been hearing neat things about running dates. That piqued my interest, so of course I had to go looking for more information. I came up with these 7 tips for a jogging date – maybe you can go too!

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Pick a Good Spot

If you're going on a date, location is important. If it's a first date, or close to it, then you probably want something more public, just to be on the safe side. However, if it's with your partner, someone you know well, then you may want something more secluded. You also have to be careful in terms of terrain, though. For instance, if either one of you isn't used to jogging on sand, steer clear of the beach.


Be on an Even Keel

Your date might jog more than you, or you may jog more often than your date. In either case, try to keep a balance. Choose a nice, steady pace and a neutral jogging route. You don't want to leave your date in the dust, nor do you want to be left behind. That's just inviting a lot of competition, which--


Don't Get Competitive

Which brings me to this: don't be too competitive! Healthy competition is all well and good, but unless you really know each other, you don't want to get too competitive on a date. That can end badly, especially if you're out with a guy and do better than him, and he gets resentful and it's just awful and awkward and ugh. Who needs that?


Keep It Cool

You have to remember, as well, that this is a date. It's not a race. It's not a marathon. No one's going to come in first, there are no ribbons or trophies. Just choose a nice, comfortable pace in a great location. There's no reason to go all out here.


Dress Appropriately

When you're on a date, you want to look cute. That's just natural. You can still look cute in appropriate workout clothes, though. I doubt any women would go out trying to run in a tube dress and stilettos, but I'm being serious here. Make sure your clothes are loose and comfortable, and definitely go for the sports bra over the underwire. You'll thank yourself later.


Respect the Rhythms

In many ways, running and jogging are intensely personal exercises. People run in different ways. Some people like to talk to their jogging partners. Some people like to listen to music while they're running. Still others want to focus absolutely on the rhythm, and they don't want anything to interfere with that. Before going on your jogging date, you and your partner should discuss preferences, perhaps attempt to reach a compromise, but either way respect each other's running habits.


Plan for after

What's up after? You should definitely have a game plan for what you're going to do after your run. You may go your separate ways, have a small picnic packed, or split up to shower and change, them meet up for a meal. Either way, make sure you can go through your cool downs together!

A lot of people are incorporating fitness into their dating lives. That's a great, healthy idea, but I think it can be hard to balance. What do you think of exercising on a date?

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