The Top Things All Fit Girls do Every Month ...


The Top Things All Fit Girls do Every Month ...
The Top Things All Fit Girls do Every Month ...

Are you a fit girl? If so, chances are, you'll recognize most of these things, the monthly habits of fit girls everywhere. Which ones can you tick off the list?

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Weigh in

Weigh in Your weight is not a good indicator of your fitness, so if you must weigh yourself, only do it once a month, okay?


Plan the Menu

Plan the Menu Fitness is all about the fuel, and planning your menu well in advance ensures you have the right food to make the meals and snacks you'll need to stay fit.


Run a Race

Run a Race Once a month, enter a race, and aim to either finish it (yay!) or win it (super-yay!).


Connect with Friends

Connect with Friends Sure, you "see" your squad on social media all the time, and there's loads of texting every day, but at least once a month, connect in person, for emotional well-being and fitness.


Examine the Girls

Examine the Girls A couple of days after your period is over, do a breast self-exam. Report any changes or lumps you find to your doctor, stat.


Clean out the Fridge

Clean out the Fridge Once a month, clean out your fridge and pantry and pitch anything past its expiration date. Why keep that wilted head of lettuce? Make room for the new stuff.


Check Your Goals

Check Your Goals Are you on track to meet your long-term fitness goals? Check in every month, and adjust as needed.


Set a New Fitness Goal

Set a New Fitness Goal And while you're at it, why not set a new fitness goal for the month?


Get Some Serious Me-Time

Get Some Serious Me-Time It's important to have a little me-time every day, and a little more each week, but once a month, set aside an entire day to do whatever makes you mentally and emotionally fit.


Check Your Gear

Check Your Gear Most running and cross-training shoes have a limited life, so it's a good idea to check for signs of wear and tear once a month. Replace whatever needs to be replaced, and carry on being awesome.


Renew Your Membership

Renew Your Membership If your gym membership is month-to-month, be sure to renew it on time, or you'll face the (slight, but still) embarrassment of being locked out.


Take a Look

Take a Look At least once a month, strip down and take a look in the mirror. Say, out loud, at least three positive things about your physical body. Believe them. They're true.


Disinfect the Bag

Disinfect the Bag Maybe it's just me, but by the end of the month, my gym bag is kind of... smelly. Be sure to clean and air out your gym bag at least once a month.


Visit the Farmer's Market

Visit the Farmer's Market The best way to know what fab fresh produce is in season is to visit the farmer's market at least once a month.


Do a Challenge... or Two

Do a Challenge... or Two To avoid workout boredom, each month, join another exercise challenge.


Try Something New

Try Something New Each month, try a new healthy food. Quinoa, kale, chia seeds - why not give them a go?


Reward Yourself

Reward Yourself If you've made it for an entire month sticking to your fitness regime (at least most of the time), be sure to reward yourself, even if it's just with a night of Netflix and wine.

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I like the idea of weighing monthly providing it is post menstrual

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