Are You Unhealthy and Don't Know It?


Are You Unhealthy and Don't Know It?
Are You Unhealthy and Don't Know It?

At one time or another, we all have felt a little under the weather but carried on without seeking medical attention or health advice. 99% of the time these temporary ailments are nothing more than a passing phase and you find yourself feeling completely well again in no time, but what if you have been experiencing or noticing a difference in your body that seems to be recurring or hanging around for longer than you have been used to before?

Many strong-willed people suffering from potentially harmful health problems have ignored telltale signs of illness and not taken these changes seriously, something that can be extremely detrimental down the line. Are you unhealthy? Here are a handful of symptoms that you really shouldn’t ignore.

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Chapped Lips

Dry and chapped lips, in the majority of cases, are normally caused by different external factors including dry air conditions, sun exposure, and wind exposure, but there are occasions when chapped lips can be symptomatic of more serious problems. Dry lips can be a visible indicator of body dehydration, which can lead to serious health issues if not rectified. If your lips are constantly chapped, it might be worth monitoring your daily water intake to see if you are meeting the recommended guidelines.


Bad Skin

Though we all experienced skin breakouts in our formative years, acne can, in fact, continue long into adulthood. Because of the wide presence of acne, more serious connotations of the issue are often ignored; regular breakouts of bad skin can be an indicator that your immune system is struggling. Remember that the skin is your body’s largest organ, so if it is constantly in distress perhaps there is something else going on underneath.


Color of Your Urine

Urine color is a key indicator into your overall health. Examining the color of an individual’s urine can determine vital health markers including levels of hydration and potential dysfunction in many vital organs. The color that is recognized as normal, healthy urine is a very pale transparent yellow, so if your own urine is regularly a darker, amber colored liquid then it may be an indicator of internal problems. Extra info here


Persistent Fatigue

Though modern life is extremely tiring in general, genuine fatigue is often overlooked and excused by busy work and personal life. Everybody gets tired at the end of a long day, but if you find yourself still exhausted after a good night’s rest, there may be a deeper issue than normal tiredness. Individuals who are consistently tired are advised to assess their daily diet, as consuming large quantities of alcohol and processed foods can be overly taxing on the digestive system. Persistent fatigue can also be an indicator of a dysfunctional thyroid.


Stool Regularity

Regular bowel movement is incredibly important for a healthy body, as the process rids the system of unwanted toxins. Experts have determined that a normal cycle is to have a bowel movement at least once a day, citing that any less than this could be cause for concern. Not releasing these toxins from the body daily could lead to them seeping through the lining of the bowel and entering into the bloodstream, a process that can cause serious damage to the body.


Regularly Catching Colds and Bugs

Though it may not seem much of an issue to catch the annual coughs and colds that make their way through the population each season, there could be a more serious underlying problem if you are the type of person who seems to catch every single bug, every single time. Being susceptible to every cold and flu that emerges could point to a bigger problem with your immune system or a Vitamin C deficiency, and it is recommended that you seek advice and help on building up your body’s defense so you do not fall ill so regularly.

It’s too easy to “soldier on” and put these seemingly minor symptoms down to “it’s just the toll of daily life”. Don’t ignore them. A general checkup with your doctor is in order.

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