10 Bad Foods Disguised as Health Food ...


10 Bad Foods Disguised as Health Food ...
10 Bad Foods Disguised as Health Food ...

There are so many misleading labels that disguise bad foods as health food and lead us to believe that junk food is healthy food. Save yourself extra calories, fat, sugar and sodium by examining labels and eating less processed foods. See if you consume any of these 10 bad foods disguised as health food.

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Diet Soda

All sodas contain chemicals and acids that are bad for you and increase your waistline! A study by the University of Texas followed over 450 people (diet soda and non-diet soda drinkers) for 10 years and those who had 2 diet sodas a day were found to have a 500% increase in their waist over the 10 years! That, along with the gas and bloating caused by sodas is enough to quit!


Frozen Meals

Frozen meals seem like a quick and easy way lunch with many labels giving off the impression that you’re eating a healthy and low calorie meal, but that’s actually far from the truth. These seemingly healthy foods are actually bad foods with loads of sodium and acids as well as being processed meaning that they are far from fresh and healthy.



Many people like to substitute meals for a smoothie thinking that they’re consuming lots of vitamins and fruits. Truth be told, most smoothies at juice bars are loaded with sugars and carbs with many of them containing extras like sherbet for flavor. These bad foods are far from the nutritious and low calorie smoothies that we think we’re having. Make your smoothies at home by blending mixed fruit, almond milk and a whey protein powder for a healthier alternative.


Taco Salads

Taco salads are often considered the healthier option in Mexican fast foods and it very well could be in some aspects however, they’re loaded with sodium and fat. The salsa and guacamole are likely heavily processed and the toppings along with the taco meat contain heaps of sodium. Next time you find yourself at a Mexican fast food joint, opt for a chicken taco with lettuce and pico de gallo instead of this bad food.


Low Fat Granola

Granola parades around like a healthy snack but if you take a closer look at the nutrition facts; granola is definitely a bad food. Generally, granola is packed with sugar and calories and isn’t as natural as they would like for us to believe. Granola usually has typical bad food stuff like hydrogenated oils and preservatives. If you love granola and just don’t want to give it up, read labels carefully and make sure there is only fruit and honey added.


California Rolls

Cali rolls are usually the roll of choice of those who don’t like raw fish. At first glance, it does appear healthy; you’ve got seaweed, crab and avocado so of course it’s good for you, right? Nope, California rolls are definitely a bad food. It’s pretty much processed faux crab, rice and fatty sauce. Steer clear of any rolls with lots of sauce; it’s likely made of mayo which is high in fat and cals.


Dried Fruit

We like to think of dried fruit as a more portable version of the real thing, but it’s just another bad food in disguise. Dehydration strips much of the nutrients that are found naturally in the fruit and once dried, the calories of dehydrated fruit are almost double of the fresh version. Try eating fresh fruit when possible and when you have dried fruit, try to limit the amount to avoid calorie overload.


Protein Bars

Protein bars are another common meal replacement that people believe are loaded with protein and other nutrients. Unfortunately, most protein bars are bad foods! A lot of protein bars don’t reveal that they contain loads of sugar, high fructose corn syrup and trans fat. Be picky when it comes to your protein bars, there are many that are just candy bars in disguise.


Bran Muffins

Bran muffins look like a healthy alternative to donuts and a quick breakfast but they too are bad foods. Many people don’t like the taste of bran so they assume that it must be health food. Well, the main ingredient in muffins is cake and you certainly wouldn’t eat cake for a meal. Bran muffins are mostly made of sugar and fat which means high calories.


Fast Food Salads

Just because it’s a salad doesn’t automatically make it healthy. Some fast food salads contain so many extras, it’s barely better for you than a hamburger. Watch out for these bad foods by investigating the ingredients, some salads contain the same fat, sugar, carb and caloric value as what you’d find in the burger combo. To keep salads healthy and low calorie, stick to veggies, grilled chicken, and low cal dressing.

Did any of these bad foods disguised as health food surprise you? Read labels and ingredients and avoid processed foods at all costs. Sticking with fresh foods are much healthier and cheaper than constantly running to the drive-thru!

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Well then, I guess I should make more homemade sushi!

That is not true about dried fruit at all -- it does retain the vitamins . Also,your claim that the calorie count rises is absolutely ludicrous. Of course you might be eating more of it and that's where you would be getting more calories but the composition of the fruit isn't changing .

Awesome. It's gonna be pretty hard to give some of these up though ;p

The smoothies at booster juice are healthy and you can even see them making them its basically the same way you make them at home!

thank you for telling me this! never knew! Thank you!

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