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7 Caffeine-Free Supplements to Take for Low Energy and Fatigue ...

By Heather

Caffeine supplements have been a staple in the health and diet industry for years and though they might work, there are better caffeine-free supplements that can still give you energy and even aid in weight loss without taxing your adrenals and kidneys. While a single cup of black coffee or green tea is a much better option than a pill, for some people, it’s just not enough. Instead of buying a pricey diet pill or worse, an energy drink, you might try looking into some of these caffeine-free supplements for fatigue and low energy.

1 Raw Green Coffee Bean

Raw Green Coffee BeanRaw green coffee bean versus plain green coffee bean extract is completely caffeine-free and one of the best caffeine-free supplements out there. It's also high in antioxidants and can reduce insulin resistance. You can buy it in a supplement form, such as Fucothin Green from Garden of Life, or through a green superfood powder, such as Amazing Grass ORAC Berry Green Superfood.

2 B Complex

B ComplexOne of the easiest ways to increase your energy is to add a B complex to your vitamin routine. Many multivitamins don't have a high enough dose of B vitamins, so check the labels to see what yours offers. A Vitamin B complex can boost your metabolism, increase energy, and enhance your mood too. They can make you a bit hungrier though, so be sure to eat nutritious foods all day long.


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3 Omega 3s

Omega 3sFlax and chia are great but taking a specific omega 3 supplement, preferably fish oil, can make a huge difference that seeds don’t seem to offer. Fish oil is a highly energizing source of omega 3s because of a specific way it affects the metabolism and thermogenesis in the body. Be sure to select a supplement without pollutants and buy from a company you trust.

4 Ashwagandha

AshwagandhaThis herbal supplement is one of the trendiest health supplements out today and with good reason. Ashwagandha helps increase energy, reduce stress, and aid in cortisol reduction.

5 Cocoa Bean Extract

Cocoa Bean ExtractWe all know that chocolate can give us a little bit of “pep in our step,” so why not take it in a supplement form for a higher dose with no calories? While I’m not about to give up chocolate, the extract has been linked to improving mood and cognitive function according to studies.

6 Rhodiola

RhodiolaRhodiola is another herb used in alternative medicine to increase energy, reduce fatigue, and improve stress levels. It’s normally combined with other herbal extracts like Holy basil and Ashwagandha for an even greater effect.

7 MCT (Coconut) Oil

MCT (Coconut) OilMCT oil or coconut oil are both excellent energizing supplements to take, especially if you work out. MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglyceride, which is a type of fat that is used immediately for energy by the liver instead of stored as fat. It’s found abundantly in coconut oil and can easily be added to anything.

It’s important to remember that eating a clean, unprocessed diet is the foundation of optimal energy levels. Beyond that, superfoods like chia, maca, cacao, and spirulina can all help too. If you’re already using those foods and still need an edge, try some of those above and check out the resources below on their studies. Have you ever heard of any of these caffeine-free supplements?


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