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There are so many reasons why you’re not sleeping enough. And once you figure out what’s getting in the way of your shut eye, you can take steps to make sure your slumber is the best it can be. Lack of sleep is associated with all sorts of problems, including, but not limited to, weight gain, lowered productivity, depression and anxiety. Many Americans aren’t getting the recommended number of hours every night. If you’re one of them, check out these reasons why you’re not sleeping enough. Here’s to sweet dreams!

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Your Phone

In a world where everyone feels like they have to be super connected all the time, it can be really hard to put down the phone and do anything else, let alone sleep. But one of the top reasons why you’re not sleeping enough is that your cell is making it difficult. For one thing, it probably wakes you up every time you get a notification and for another, the blue light it emits can get in the way of good sleep. Stash your phone in another room and get ready for the best sleep yet.


Furry Friends

We all love our pets, but letting them share the bed with you can really get in the way of good sleep. Pets leave behind hair and dander which can aggravate allergies and keep you awake sneezing and blowing your nose. Also, every time your dog or cat shifts position or walks on you, it wakes you up and then you have to get yourself back to sleep. Buy your best friend his own grand bed and put it near your bed so you can both sleep all night long.


Too Much to Drink

I’m not only talking about booze here, though that can definitely interfere with good shut eye. Drinking too much of any kind of liquid too close to bedtime will almost surely mean a middle of the night trip to the bathroom, or two. Start cutting back on drinks before dinner and only sip a bit before bed. That way your bladder doesn’t come calling when you want to be slumbering.


Inconsistent Dinner Habits

Experts say that the people who sleep the best are the ones who eat dinner at the same time every night. Being all over the place at mealtime can make it hard for your body to prepare for sleep. Not to mention that a huge meal minutes before you hit the hay is going to make you so uncomfortable that you won’t be able to sleep. Have dinner at the same time every night and make it a couple of hours before bedtime.



Remembering to take your pills is easier when you pop them right before bed every night. However, some meds interfere with sleep and might be keeping you from getting the zzzz’s you need. Check with your doctor about how your medications affect sleep and create a new routine for taking them if you think they might be altering your sleep patterns.


Too Much Light

It’s hard to sleep when it’s light outside, right? What you might not realize is that moonlight, the street lights or the neighbor’s headlights can do the same damage. Using black out shades can really help block all that light and help you sleep all night without a problem. Likewise, darken your house completely when it’s bedtime so you aren’t kept up by the light.



It might sound like a no-brainer that your kids running all over the house or your smoke detector going off is going to get in the way of sleep. What you may not know is that there are a multitude of little distractions that can harm your sleep too. Hearing the car door close down the street or the dog barking behind you are two examples. Use earplugs to block all that extra noise. Don’t worry, they won’t keep you from hearing your kid scream for cereal when morning comes.

Do you sleep well? I’d like to say I sleep through the night, but I usually don’t. Kids, stress and dogs will do that to you, I guess. I do use several of these suggested solutions to get the best sleep possible though. Which one will you try tonight?

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Thanks for this I always have a really hard time sleeping and these ideas really help

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