7 Ways to Wake up without Caffeine ...

There's really nothing like a good cup of coffee to start your day, but with the side effects that can come with it, it may be a wise choice to start looking for ways to wake up without caffeine. According to the Mayo Clinic, more than four cups of coffee per day could lead to rapid heartbeat, muscle tremors, and insomnia, and while five cups of coffee or more per day is totally excessive, your frequent Venti double-shot isn't exactly the healthiest choice. That's why I've compiled a list of ways to wake up without caffeine to take a break from the Joe every once and a while.

1. Get Some Sun

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One of the best ways to wake up without caffeine is to expose your body to natural sunlight. This will help your body to wake up quicklyβ€”even better than just flicking the switch on in your bedroom. Keep blinds open in your bedroom at night so that you can wake up to the sunrise, or if you're feeling groggy at work, take a step outside for some Vitamin D and fresh air.

2. Blast a Tune

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You know that "I just need to stand up and dance" feeling you get when one of your favorite songs comes on? The same applies when you're feeling sleepy. Set your alarm to a catchy dance song that gets your feet moving, or make a playlist with some upbeat songs for a five minute break at work.

3. Give Your Brain a Workout

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Stimulating your brain with a challenging puzzle is a great way to wake yourself up. Keep a couple of Sudoku puzzles on hand for a quick brain teaser to get your wheels turning and keep your eyelids open.

4. Turn down the Temp

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It's no surprise that being warm and cozy is the perfect condition for a nap, so why should being warm and cozy at work or in class be any different? If you can, turn down the temperature a bit or have an icy cold glass of water.

5. Avoid Carbs

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Foods high in carbohydrates (or sugar for that matter) will cause you to crash later in the day. Instead, opt for foods high in protein like eggs and nuts for breakfast.

6. Give Your Eyes a Break

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As a student or employee, computers and tablets have become like a third arm. Give your eyes a break from the artificial light and go to the bathroom or read a few pages of magazine. Staring a a screen for hours on end can cause your eyes to tire, which in turn makes you feel sleepy too.

7. Do Something That Makes You Happy

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Whether it's looking at puppy pictures or laughing with a friend, endorphins will help awaken your brain (not to mention put you in a good mood, too!).

With busy schedules, late nights, and exhausting laundry lists of things to do every day, it's important not to neglect your health and your sleep. Try to get as much sleep as possible each night and get on a sleep cycle so that waking up and staying awake is easier. I hope that these tips will also help to keep you on top of your game throughout the day. What do you like to do to keep yourself awake?

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