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9 Things You Can do to Connect with Your Body ...

By Neecey

You should remind yourself often that there is a connection between your mind and body. This is paramount if you lead a hectic or stressful life. You need to remember that mind listens to body and body listens to mind. Being conscious of this relationship will help in giving you a sense of direction and purpose in life. Want to know some easy ways to connect with your body? Let’s get on with it then:

1 Walk Barefoot

Walk BarefootWalking barefoot can be extremely beneficial for the connection between body and mind. Walking barefoot on grass can stimulate your nervous system considerably, and it can also produce a great feeling of calmness that will increase your resistance to stress. It is perhaps a subconscious connecting to our distant ancestors.

2 Sleep Naked

Sleep NakedSleeping naked might feel vulnerable at first but has lots of benefits in the long run. It gives you time to build confidence about your body, and also prevents it from overheating under too many layers of clothing and bedding. It promotes self-acceptance and can strengthen a bond with a partner. Read more Ever Wondered if It is Better to Sleep Naked? @Neecey


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3 Music Therapy

Music TherapyA great song really can take you to another place, so get out some of your favorite albums, turns the lights off, lay back with your eyes closed and let your favorite music take you away to another place; a place where your body and your mind can become truly connected.

4 Meditate

MeditateMany studies show that practicing even five minutes of meditation every day can help a woman to get more in touch with her body. The key benefits come from the breathing training and the ability to be able to clear your mind of stress and tension.

5 Deep Breathing

Deep BreathingAnd speaking of breathing training, the art of deep breathing can be really helpful when attempting to get more connected with your own body. The almost immediate release of tension that occurs when you can really master the practice gives you a real feeling of centeredness and relaxation that combines both your physical and psychological sides.

6 Get a Massage

Get a MassageOf course, you can always get somebody else to release the tension for you in the form of a relaxing massage! Even though the practice involves somebody else touching you rather than you doing it yourself, the professional talents of a masseur can help to relax your mind and body in a way that you might never have thought possible.

7 Breaks between Bites

Breaks between BitesOne of the easiest ways to connect with your body is to take small breaks between bites when you are eating. This can help in many different ways, including the fact that small breaks help your digestive system to avoid potential disorders and failures. Also, longer bites and small breaks in-between have been identified as being beneficial with weight loss and it keeps your metabolism ticking along more efficiently. And the longer you are chewing, the better the tasting pleasure!

8 Body Moisturizer

Body MoisturizerApplying body moisturizer not only has physical benefits in the sense that it can remedy dry skin and other conditions, but it also has a psychological benefit in that it encourages you to be more tactile and in touch with your entire body, which can improve your confidence and nourish both your physical body and your soul.

9 Dress the Way You Want

Dress the Way You WantNothing disconnects a woman from her body quite like wearing clothes that she does not want to wear. Your body deserves to wear garments that you personally love, and once you are wearing an outfit that you have personally picked out and really like, you will be surprised by just how much more connected to each other your physical and psychological selves will be. If you are feeling depressed, then bright colors have been known to provide stimulation.

Do you give conscious thought to your mind/body connection as you go about your day?

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