7 Easy Ways to Manage Your Seemingly Unmanageable Stress ...


Life gets busy. While that may seem like the understatement of the century, it can get difficult to manage it all, but with these tips, you’ll be able to handle everything much better. When you’re really stressed out, sometimes all it takes is a few steps back and a little bit of perspective.

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Take It One Step at a Time

When you’re desperately trying to get everything done, take a step back and then take a deep breath. Don’t look too far ahead, and instead take each task you have to get done and do each once at a time. Don’t worry about everything you have to get done, and instead, only worry about the little fragment of time you allot yourself to finish the task at hand.



Don’t procrastinate. It’s that simple. Believe me, I know that sometimes there’s no amount of planning that could stop you from having a zillion things to do at once, but if you really work at planning, you may be able to avoid a lot of the stress that comes along with it. If you plan for your entire week every Sunday, you’ll be able to see your week ahead and plan to get things done days before you need to because you’ll be too busy to get them done on other days. Planning is your best friend.


Listen to Music

Even while you’re super busy, try listening to music. If you’re rushing to get something done and panicking, put on your favorite music as your soundtrack. It will calm you down immensely. If you’re worried that your favorite music will distract you, try listening to classical music instead. It will have the same calming effect as your favorite music without the lyrics to distract you!


Take Time for Yourself

It may seem impossible to do so, but you need to make time for your mental wellbeing. If you love zoning out in front of the TV, allot an hour or two a few nights a week to do so. If you love taking baths, give yourself 20 minutes every night for a nice soak. Whatever it is that you love to do, plan some time for yourself to relax. Your mental health needs it.


Find a Healthy Outlet

People manage stress in different ways, and when some people get really stressed, they turn to unhealthy vices. Rather than turn to food, alcohol, or cigarettes, find a healthy outlet. Whether you need to workout, or reading a book, there are healthier ways to manage your stress than something that could have negative effects on your life forever.


Try to Eliminate Less Important Things

I know that you may feel like there is nothing in your life that can be eliminated to make your life easier. However, make a list of your responsibilities. If there are things on that list that your heart isn’t in completely, or that you could eliminate, try to extricate yourself from them. It may seem difficult, but your sanity will thank you!


Let Go

Eventually, you just have to learn to let things go. If the cause of your stress is because you’re overthinking everything, work hard to let things roll off your back. You can’t control everything, and while that’s something that may take a while to fully accept and start doing, when you do finally master it, your life will be so much more stress-free!

How do you manage stress? Do you use any of these techniques? Let me know in the comments!

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I needed this article haha I'm a high stress person! I try not to be and just try to relax but I swear my brain goes a million miles per hour and no matter how much planning I do or deep breathing I still stress out! I've gotten a lot better about it because I know when I'm stressed I am very tense and probably not the most fun person to be around haha thank you for the tips :)

This article was well needed and right on time, thank you.

Very nice article thanks

I loved this. I'm going to use it to my advantage, thank you!

I manage my stress by taking some time for myself everyday even if it's only a few minutes. I'll usually do yoga/exercise or read a book :)

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