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Here Are the 7 Must Haves for when You're Feeling Depressed ...

By Alicia

Feeling depressed is the pits, isn’t it? Thankfully, there are things you can do to help yourself get out of a funk. However, if these must haves don’t help you feel better and you’ve been depressed a couple weeks, then you should give your doctor a call. But many times, these must haves are just the thing to kick a mild depression to the curb.

1 Chocolate

Chocolate is a must have when you’re feeling depressed. It’s full of antioxidants which are good things that’ll boost your mood. If you’re eating chocolate for those benefits then you always want to go for the dark variety. It has way more antioxidants in it than milk chocolate does. Dark chocolate is also a heart-healthy food, so it’s good for you both mentally and physically. That makes it a food you can enjoy without feeling any guilt.

2 A Journal

If you’re feeling depressed, then a journal is another must have. A journal is a great place to pour out all your troubles and heartaches. Sometimes just getting them down on paper can help you to feel better. It also offers you the gift of looking at things from a different angle. Things can suddenly become much clearer when you see them written out in front of you.


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3 Sunshine

Sunshine is great at helping you to feel better when you’ve been feeling depressed. Open up your blinds and let the sunshine in or get outside for a while. Take a walk or sit on your stoop and read for a few minutes. Soaking up those rays is a great mood booster. Most people report that they feel happier on sunny days than they do on gray days, so be sure and make the most of any sunny days you get.

4 A Favorite Treat

If there’s something you really love then treat yourself. It could lift your spirits considerably. It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be a gourmet cupcake or French fries. What matters is that you allow yourself something that makes you feel happy. This is not the time to worry over healthy food choices.

5 Exercise

Exercise is more of a must do than a must have but the point behind it is the same. It can help you when you’re feeling depressed. Just like chocolate, it’s a natural mood booster. Although, admittedly, it’s not quite as enjoyable as chocolate is. But the end result is that you can feel a lot better after both.

6 A Friend to Talk to

Having a friend to talk to when you’re feeling depressed can mean the world. And you should never feel bad for sharing your troubles with your friends. That’s what friends are for. I’m sure there are times that you’ve provided a shoulder to lean on for them, right? This is their turn to be there for you.

7 An Encouraging Book

Encouraging books can be very helpful when you’re feeling depressed. Look for a book with encouraging quotes, a book on gratitude or on being happy. All of those are the sorts of books that offer encouragement. Read a few pages a day to help you have a more positive outlook.

These are 7 must haves when you’re feeling depressed. What helps you the most when you’re feeling depressed? Your tips can help others.

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