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The most essential vitamins for women are important for a variety of reasons. As women, we need the right vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, especially if we don't get enough of certain things in our diets. You may not be getting the right amount of certain things without evening knowing it, which is why it's so vital to research daily vitamins for women. Whatever your age, race, weight, or ethnicity, there are certain things your body needs to function properly. Here are some of the most important vitamins for women – are you getting enough of them?

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C is easily one of the most essential vitamins for women, but fortunately it's also one of the most easily attainable – and naturally occurring. It's important because it helps your immune system, helps your body heal faster, makes you more alert, and much more. You know you can get lots of vitamin C in citrus fruits, but it's also available in kiwis, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, and broccoli.


Vitamin E

When you're figuring out which daily vitamins for women you need to incorporate into your life, don't forget about vitamin E. It takes care of the cells in your body, and may even be able to present changes that are caused by age. Vitamin E also helps certain stomach problems, which may be caused by a deficiency. To include it in your diet, try cod liver oil, peanut butter, wheat germ, hazelnuts (which to me means you can eat Nutella), and sunflower seeds.



Vitamin D

No matter how old you are, vitamin D is incredibly important. This is especially true as you get older, however. Vitamin D keeps your bones strong and healthy, and it helps your body absorb all the calcium it needs. If you need the D vitamin, you can actually go outside! Make sure you're fully protected, of course, but the sun's rays are an excellent source. So are eggs, especially the yolks, fish, and milk.


Vitamin a

Vitamin A is definitely one of the essential vitamins for women, but it's tricky. You don't want to get too much, so if you're going for an individual or multivitamin, make sure it includes the recommended daily amount. When it comes to vitamin A, beta-carotene is also incredibly essential, since it turns into the vitamin. Eat carrots, squash, pumpkins, melon, and apricots to get plenty into your daily diet.


Folic Acid

Folic Acid is actually a B vitamin, but it's such an essential vitamin for women that it deserves its own category. It's great for your nervous system, and works to keep it healthy. It also ensures that you have plenty of red blood cells. If you're pregnant or trying to get pregnant, folic acid is especially essential – for you and for your baby. Green, leafy vegetables like collards, spinach, and kale, along with citrus, asparagus, strawberries, melons, legums, grains, beans, eggs, and a number of others contain lots of folic acid, so stock up – those foods are good for you all the way around.


B Vitamins

Various other B vitamins are very important for women. Pay particular attention to both B6 and B12, because they're vital in forming red blood cells, making you sharper, and even building your DNA, according to WebMD. B6 improves your metabolism as well, making it an ideal choice when you're trying to work out and get healthy. Eat plenty of bananas, avocados, lean meats and poultry, oats, and beans, among other things. B12 also helps your metabolism, and even protein synthesis. To get it naturally, incorporate eggs, lean meat, yogurt and milk, cheese, and fish into your diet.




Why is iron one of the most essential vitamins for women? There's a variety of reasons, such as the fact that it can help with cramps during your period. You won't feel so tired, irritable, or disorganized. Younger women need more than older women who are going through or just past menopause. Lean meats, salmon, leafy veggies, and beans all have plenty of iron, so take advantage!

Many of the most essential vitamins for women are easily found in delicious fruits, vegetables, and proteins, so you can effortlessly incorporate them into your diet. You can also take a daily vitamin, either a single vitamin focused solely on a specific thing or a good multivitamin. There are a number of other really important vitamins, such as magnesium, calcium, beta-carotene, and others. How do you take the most important vitamins for women?

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I love this website, it i my favorite women's website. I need to increase my iron and folic acid intake. Thanks

I'm taking extra iron, calcium and vitamin d, on top of my multi! My doc says its ok but it's so hard to remember to take them. Do you have any tips that can help remember to take them?

I take flintstone's vitamins everyday. I feel completely out of it if I miss a day. great way to jump start your day. Not just for kids!

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