7 Things That May Be Aging You ...

By Tyjuana

7 Things That May Be Aging You ...

If you’re pushing into a new milestone -- like me, I turn 40 in two weeks! -- and on the search for the things that may be aging you, look no further. We live in a society where being 25 is "too old." However, aging gracefully does not have to be tolerated, my grown-up friends. The things that may be aging you are fixable, so take out the toolbox and get to fixin' already!

Table of contents:

  1. outdated clothing
  2. outdated hairstyle
  3. smoking habit
  4. too much alcohol
  5. poor health
  6. a stressful job
  7. your man

1 Outdated Clothing

Take a look at your wardrobe; it could be one of the things that may be aging you. Are you taking "the vintage look" too far? You might be adding years to yourself by ignoring today's trends. I don't care what anyone says, skinny jeans work for all women; just remember not to overdo it, because looking like a teen makes you look downright silly.

2 Outdated Hairstyle

What may be aging you might be on your head! When was the last time you've tried a new 'do? Today's hairstyles will make you look like a trendsetter, and there is nothing "old" about that. Browse through various magazines -- and through our site, too -- to see which current style will bring the youth out of you.

3 Smoking Habit

There are too many warnings against smoking, but one sticks out like sore thumb: smoking may be aging you! The beginning of a new year is a great time to ditch the habit, and add another 10 years to your life, according to a recent study found here healthyliving.msn.com. Think about it: how many young-looking women smokers do you know? Talk about lighting a room.

4 Too Much Alcohol

While the occasional glass of wine is reportedly good for your health -- and if it isn't, it should be -- too much booze may be aging you from the inside out. As more alcohol enters the bloodstream it affects the skin, causing permanent damage in some cases. Does this mean you have to flush your liquor down the toilet? Good news, girls: we can still drink in moderation, so let's toast to that!

5 Poor Health

What may be aging you is poor health. Even if you don't have a weight issue, if you are not eating the right foods you are missing the nutrients that are needed to keep you in tip-top shape. Be honest with your doctor, find a workout partner and change your diet. As we age, those unexplained aches and pains seem to creep up on us like a past due bill!

6 A Stressful Job

Your workplace may be aging you, too. If you're frowning more than smiling at your place of employment then it is time to find a new gig. Or, perhaps there's a hobby you can get into during your free time. It's all about finding some balance, girls!

7 Your Man

What may be aging you is possibly your man. Your not-so-sweet honey can be stressing you out! Try to have a conversation with him, without turning it into a shouting match (which will cause more stress!) and get to the bottom of your issues. If you can't resolve whatever the problem is, it's time to leave him.

So there you have it, my seven things that may be aging you. Do you have anymore to add? We've got some more living to do!

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