10 Foods 🥝🍋 That Boost 🔋 Estrogen Naturally 🌱 for Girls Who Don't like Pills 💊 ...

My doctor always says that I shouldn't take pills if there isn't a real need for them. Women of all ages are susceptible to the effects of estrogen fluctuations. That can bring on migraines and a whole host of other problems you'd rather not deal with. The good news is that by making some easy changes to your diet, you have the potential to boost your estrogen without a pill ever having to cross your lips. This information is generously shared by food.amerikanki.com and is a fabulous way to protect your health. Of course, you should always talk things over with your doctor first. You could be someone who needs an estrogen pill to stay healthy. In the meantime, bon appetit!

1. Sesame Seeds

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Both sesame seeds and sesame seed oil contain lignans, which are the prime phytonutrient for estrogen. However, if you really want to reap the ultimate benefit, you are going to want whole sesame seeds.

These little bundles of health are loaded with fiber and other minerals to complement an appropriately functioning body. A single tablespoon of sesame seeds provides you with 1/10 the daily recommended intake of iron, magnesium, calcium and 4% your daily fiber.

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