7 Healing Spices and Supplements to Try This Winter ...

When trying to stay healthy from the inside out, let me introduce you to a few healing spices and supplements to add to your diet this winter. While most of us tend to reach toward the medicine cabinet when we feel an illness coming on, we should actually be looking right in our very own kitchen. Foods, spices and herbs provide the best medicine when it comes to staying healthy. Instead of letting a cold or the flu strike, fight back with these seven healing spices and supplements for a healthy holiday season!

1. Boswellia

When it come to healing spices and supplements, boswellia is one of the best. Boswellia serrata, otherwise known as Indian frankincense, is extracted from the boswellia tree located in western and central India. Boswellia acids are extracted as an essential oil or it is also sold in capsule form. It is used in Ayurvedic healing to treat respiratory issues, digestive disorders, joint pain and inflammation. Clinical studies have recently shown its effectiveness in the calming of asthma, arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.