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Healthy snacks to keep you going throughout the day are key! Snacking is something I cannot live without. I know that sounds horrible. But I tend to reach for snacks during the day a lot which isn't a bad thing if it is done right. You have to make sure that the snacks you are reaching for are healthy and will give you that afternoon boost you need. I now bring you my favourite (I actually eat all of these!) healthy snacks to keep you going throughout those long work days!

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Sliced Tomato with Feta Cheese and Oil

One of the best healthy snacks to keep you going is this amazing Italian inspired snack. This seems like a high class snack, but it just sounds so tasty while still being healthy! Every part of your snack doesn’t need to be bang on healthy, but make sure that the main portion is a fruit or something that will fill you while being good for you.



I don't even have to explain why I think this is a great snack. We all know why bananas are the best and the things they do for us. I actually don't love the taste, but I know how good they are for you that I try and eat one everyday! The potassium and nutrition a good banana will give you is perfect for a mid day snack and is easy to bring around in your bag!



Snack on tasty popcorn and don't feel guilty! Make sure the pop corn isnt salted or buttered, but yet try snacking on a plain bag of popcorn. You might be surprised how filling and good it is! Not only that, but it also tricks to mind to thinking your eating a lot more as your hand keeps going back to the bag.


Baby Carrots and Hummus

The crunchy texture of the carrots is exactly what I look forward to when I hit that annoying 2pm. The hummus is almost like comfort food as it tastes like you’re eating something unhealthy when you’re not. (Those are the best kinds of food!)


1 Tbsp Peanuts and 2 Tbsp Dried Cranberries

Umm yum? This is a pretty self explanatory snack. The go to snack for most road trips is also a great snack to keep in the office or in your bag. Mix some cranberries and some peanuts together in a big bowl at the beginning of the week, and divide into small baggies for the whole week. This will give you a great no hassle snack to throw in your lunch bag and will give you some of that energy you start to lose throughout the day!


Strawberries and Fat Free Cool Whip

This is one of the most delicious snacks I thought I could never have! I thought that because the cool whip was there, that it wasn't healthy enough. After trying to figure out a way to make this a snack that everyone can have, I decided to substitute the whipped cream with fat free Cool Whip. This will make a guilty free snack that is truly to die for!


Plain Yogurt and Any Kind of Fruit

Easy snacks are the best snacks, and this is no exception. Whatever your fav fruit of the week is, cut it up and throw it into a bowl with some fat free yogurt. Make sure the yogurt is plain and fat free as a lot of times yogurt is filled with junk. The fruit will bring more of a health factor and make the plain yogurt a little more exciting!

Snacking can be good! Everyone usually thinks that snacking is bad and you should just stick to the usual (boring!) three meals a day. Don't be fooled ladies! Now that you have some ideas for your snacking needs, you can fight that chocolate craving at 3pm!

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