9 Helpful Tips for Bad Breath ...

Do you need tips for bad breath? Let’s face it, we all get bad breath from time to time. Having bad breath can be a little embarrassing. Luckily you can read these 9 helpful tips for bad breath and hopefully avoid having bad breath in the future.

1. Brush and Floss

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Flossing isn’t just crazy torture your dental hygienist wants to put you through. If you have bad breath it could be from lack of flossing. You see, your mouth is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria likes warm moist places to grow like mad. It hangs out on your gums, tongue, on and in between your teeth. When it is not getting brushed and flossed away, bacteria has time to grow, creating bad breath.

2. Mouthwash

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Your tonsils can also collect bacteria and cause bad breath. One tip for bad breath is gargling with mouthwash. It helps clean out the pits of your tonsils and leaves your breath a little fresher.

3. Smoking

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Who didn’t know smoking caused bad breath? Okay, that was a trick question. But I couldn’t talk about tips for bad breath without mentioning smoking. Smoke and tobacco don’t taste good so why would anyone think it would leave your breath smelling sweet? If you don’t have plans to quit, at least try to cover up the smoky stench with chewing gum.

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Don’t you love it when you go to kiss someone and they’ve just eaten garlic flavored onion rings? There’s really nothing better than a deep kiss from a mouth of deadly foods, right? I’m sure it goes without saying that some foods are bound to leave your breath kickin’. Be courteous and brush your teeth or eat a mint before getting too personal.

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If you have a dry mouth, your breath is probably stinky. Be sure to drink plenty of water all day long. It keeps the mouth moist and doesn’t give bacteria time to collect.

6. Sinus Problems

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Another major cause of foul breath is sinus problems. Post-nasal drip can really kick up a nasty stench. Some people use a saline nasal rinse to keep the nasal passages clear and to relieve sinus congestion. This can also help with bad breath caused by sinus problems. I love my saline rinse. I swear by it during allergy season.

7. Yogurt

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I was surprised to learn that yogurt can help sweeten your breath. It helps by putting the good bacteria back into your digestive system and removes the bad stuff. I plan to remember this tip for bad breath when I need to freshen up on-the-go.

8. Chewing Gum

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Chewing gum really does help your breath. You want to look for gum with Xylitol to ward off bad bacteria. Gum works by creating saliva to moisten the mouth that in turn removes the bacteria.

9. Dentist

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If you have tried these different tips for bad breath and still have trouble you may need to see a dentist. Regular dental care is important anyway. Your dentist can check for cavities or gum disease that may be the cause of your bad breath.

Do you have bad breath? Don’t be embarrassed. Just use some of these awesome tips for bad breath to help the problem. Do you have your own tips for bad breath to suggest? I’d love to know how you fight bad breath in your mouth.

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