9 Herbal Supplements That Can Help with Female Health Issues ...

For years, herbal medicine has been an interest of mine, and for 11 years now, herbal supplements have been a part of my daily routine. Over time, the herbal supplements my body needs have changed, but I can honestly say, no matter which herbal supplements I’ve used throughout my own healthy journey, I’ve received nothing but benefits. If you need to improve your own health, and aren’t sure where to start, check out some of my favorite herbal supplements for women. Each herbal supplement below can help with a different issue and can safely help you deal with any health struggles you have. Herbal supplements get a lot of bad rap from the FDA, but in my opinion, it’s much safer to take something from the Earth than it is from a chemical laboratory.

1. Astragalus

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Astragalus is one of my favorite herbal supplements to deal with stress, especially during time of PMS, or from high anxiety. Astragalus have been proven to be one of the most efficient herbal supplements for reducing chronic anxiety in women. It also keeps away colds, and increases the immune system’s ability to fight off illness. You can take astragalus root in pill form, or it comes in some powder supplements. It is also safe for any age group. Prevention magazine says that around 500 mg. per day is a good amount to shoot for if you need specific dosage suggestions.

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