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How to Follow the 8020 Rule and Live Healthier ...

By Alicia

Chances are, you’ve heard of the 80/20 philosophy when it comes to eating healthy. But you may have never thought about how it plays out in day-to-day life. Following this philosophy can help you reach a healthy weight and have better health. These’re some tips to help you if you decide this way of living is right for you.

1 Find Fruits and Veggies You like

Find Fruits and Veggies You likeIf you want to eat healthier then you need to find some fruits and veggies you actually enjoy. It’s not enough to buy them and let them sit in your fridge. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Look up some new recipes. My family has been on a roasted asparagus kick lately and I’m planning to make mango salsa soon.

2 Reach for Water before Snacking

Reach for Water before SnackingSnacks can completely ruin your healthy eating intentions. While some snacks are good for you, there’s a whole world of them out there that’re nothing but empty calories. So before you reach for any snack, have a glass of water. This helps for two reasons. One, you may think you’re hungry but you were only thirsty and two, it takes the edge off your appetite. If you’re still hungry after a glass of water, choose a healthy snack.


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3 Have a Cheat Day

Have a Cheat DayOne option to following the 80/20 philosophy is to have a cheat day once a week. Different things work for different people. You may find that having a cheat day gives you the motivation you need to get through the week. It could also be that enjoying a day without restrictions makes it very hard to return to eating healthy. It’s all about what helps you.

4 Make Healthy Eating Your Goal but Allow for Life to Happen

Make Healthy Eating Your Goal but Allow for Life to HappenThis seems to be a strategy to following the 80/20 plan that works well for most. You have an overall goal of eating healthy but you allow for life to happen. Birthday parties, ordering pizza on a Friday night, and other circumstances are just normal parts of daily life. So you indulge a little but make healthy choices the rest of the time. This should come out to around an 80/20 balance for you.

5 Leave the Junk at the Store…. Mostly

Leave the Junk at the Store…. MostlyIt’s harder to eat junk food if you don’t have it in the house. Leaving it at the store will make your healthy eating plan much easier. It’s fine to pick up a small treat when you’re shopping as long as the majority of your diet is filled with fruits, veggies, lean meats, whole grains and low-fat dairy. But you may find as you eat less junk food, your craving for it begins to fade. We tend to crave things that’re a normal part of our diet so you may find you’re craving a bowl of grapes instead of a bowl of chips.

6 Only Splurge when It’s Worth It

Only Splurge when It’s Worth ItI heard this quote and thought there was a lot of wisdom in it. Splurge when the treat is truly worth it. In other words, don’t abandon your diet for a Little Debbie cake. Wait until it’s something you deeply love such as your grandma’s made from scratch cookies. Following this advice will make you enjoy your treats so much more.

7 Leave Your 20% for the End of the Day

Leave Your 20% for the End of the DaySome people find that eating healthy throughout their day and indulging in a small treat at night is key for them. Make it your goal to eat healthy the first 80% of the day. So that would roughly be your three meals and any snacks you eat in between. Then have a small treat after dinner. It gives you something to look forward to and you don’t feel deprived.

8 Make It a LifestYle

clothing, beauty, season, dress, swimwear,When you look at it as just another diet, you're more likely to fail. Instead, think of it as adapting a new and healthier lifestyle so you're almost guaranteed success.

9 Eat the Right 80%

dish, food, produce, plant, vegetable,Just because it says healthy doesn't mean it is. Make sure you're 80% is actually giving you the nutrients and essentials you need. High protein, high fiber, and non starchy veggies are key to maximizing the 80% goal.

10 Don't Substitute Diet for Exercise

human action, sports, human positions, physical fitness, martial arts,While any health guru will say abs are made in the kitchen, you cannot think that just because you're eating healthy that you no longer need to exercise. Exercise is key to any healthy diet plan and will actually boost your weight loss efforts, especially in the beginning.

These tips can help you follow the 80/20 philosophy. How do you make sure you’re making healthy choices? I’d love to read your tips!

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