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He tries to greet you with a good morning smooch, maybe with a promise of some wake-up jiggy jiggy, but, oh horror, your mouth feels like the bottom of a budgie cage and smells like a camel’s unmentionables. This overgrowth of oral bacteria is unpleasant even if you’re not in a potential lip locking situation. Here’s how to deal with smelly morning breath:

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human hair color, hair, blond, face, person, Bacteria of varying kinds is generally responsible for bad breath, and one way that you can combat this bacteria and make its presence less known is by taking probiotics. You can even buy dedicated dental probiotics that are specifically designed to have the best effects on bacteria within the mouth, giving you the best chance of great smelling breath.


Deep Clean

person, glasses, Sometimes just giving your teeth its usual brushing just isn’t enough to combat the risk of smelly breath, so what you really want to do to give yourself the best chance of nice smelling breath is to buy a proper mouth care kit and use all of the tools that your dentist might use.


Gentle Mouthwash

face, facial expression, eyebrow, person, woman, One of the best ways to prevent morning breath is to use a mouthwash that isn’t abrasive or even painful when you use it. The super harsh solutions can actually cause microscopic lacerations and even burns in the mouth that will attract bacteria and cause a potential smell, therefore doing the exact opposite of what you want the mouthwash to do!


Peppermint Oil

color, hair, red, nose, photography, Reaching for a stick of gum is always a popular choice for somebody who catches an unpleasant whiff of their own breath, but if you want to be even more direct, you can go for a drop of peppermint essential oil right on the toothbrush. It’s anti bacterial and anti fungal, giving you a great base of protection against the risk of horrible smelling morning breath.


Green Tea

face, hair, person, woman, beauty, Green tea has many beneficial properties, and one that is particularly helpful is its capacity for neutralizing unpleasant mouth odors. This is down to the liquid’s powerful antioxidant properties and the fact that is it low in sugar, gluten free and low in caffeine, which are all ingredients that can lead to unpleasant smelling breath.

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Charcoal and Hibiscus

human action, person, finger, arm, conversation, It might like a scary thing to do, but you should test out switching your normal toothpaste for some charcoal and hibiscus powder! This combination of ingredients is really effective in fighting against cavities, tooth decay, gum disease and, importantly for this instance, the spread of bacteria that will result in smelly breath.


Three Step Mints

person, musician, fashion, audience, screenshot, There are certain brands of lozenges, like Therabreath, for example, that work in a three-pronged attack in your mouth. First they eliminate bad flavors, then they fight germs, then they stimulate saliva production to keep the mouth clean and fresh and not clinging on to any bacteria that can cause an odor.


Breath Spray

illustration, fictional character, DENFATALETUMBLR, A common cause of bad morning breath is that your mouth becomes too dry overnight, and a simple way to eliminate this problem is to invest in a breath spray that you can use to keep your mouth healthily moist and free of periodontal bacteria that promotes the bad smelling breath overnight.


Tea Tree Chewing Sticks

darkness, screenshot, midnight, special effects, fictional character, Tea tree chew sticks are readily available online these days and they are a perfect accessory for anybody who suffers with bad breath throughout the day. Switch out your normal mid morning snack for a tea tree stick and you will really notice a positive difference in your breath.

If you usually head straight for the bathroom and toothbrush when you wake up, will you now try something different to deal with smelly morning breath?

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Regular flossing may reduce gum disease and bad breath. Avoid foods (like onions and garlic) that you find make your breath smell bad. Use an antibacterial mouthwash that is simple and can reduce bad breath in the morning.

How about brushing your teeth properly and brushing your tongue, which is a step that most people skip? If your mouth STILL stinks after that, go visit your dentist and get a checkup, pronto -- you very likely have a gum problem or a cavity you don't know about that's causing problems. Advising people to cover up halitosis is not the answer.

Brush your gums and your tongue as well as your teeth.

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