7 Deliciously Nutritious Smoothies That Are Great for You ...

If you are a smoothie lover then you know that there are nutritious smoothies, and then there is dessert in a cup masquerading as a nutritious smoothie. The average American diet is incredibly lacking in nutrients, so it's good to find tasty ways to slip nutrients into your daily eating habits. Smoothies are great meal replacements, if they are nutritious. They are also wonderful if you don't have a snazzy Juicer at home. Just grab your favorite liquid base, like coconut water, almond milk or yogurt. Then grab your chosen fruit and some ice cubes for added thickness. You'll be creating your new favorite nutritious smoothie in no time!

1. Beet Juice Smoothie

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I found this amazing liver detoxifier recipe from my aunt, who has always floored people when she reveals her age. This recipe is from her former Chinese acupuncturist, who mixed authentic old school Chinese practice with Western Science. It's important to use a blender, and not a juicer for this recipe so you can get all of the fiber. Play around with the amount of veggies and fruit until you find what you love.

Fresh beets
3 veggies of your choice
3 fruits of your choice (she recommends frozen for added thickness)
Handful of almonds or walnuts
Thumb sized piece of ginger
Add water & ice as needed


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