9 Reasons to Get Enough Sleep ...


9 Reasons to Get Enough Sleep ...
9 Reasons to Get Enough Sleep ...

Learning a few reasons to get enough sleep might be just what you need to stop pulling all-nighters! The occasional late night sometimes can’t be helped, but when it becomes a habit to stay up well past your bedtime and get up early the next morning, you may be facing a few health issues! Please read on to learn a few reasons to get enough sleep!

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Ability to Learn

One of the reasons to get enough sleep is because when you go without sleep, it can really hinder your ability to concentrate and learn! That’s why it’s especially important for kids in school or college to get their recommended amount of sleep, so that they can focus on what they are learning and studying!


Your Mood

Have you ever noticed how babies or kids get cranky when it’s time for bed or even a nap? Going without sleep can change your mood! It’s easier to become irritated or even weepy when you’re tired. Some people become extremely wired, and laugh about everything when they are sleepy or tired!


Weight Gain

Believe it or not, going without sleep can affect your weight and metabolism! If you’re sleep deprived, your body tries to overcompensate for that lost energy by clinging onto extra calories and craving more carbs. Most of us also reach for sugary drinks or snacks to get our blood sugar up and help us feel “more awake,” but all it does is help add on the pounds. Try getting a full night's sleep and having a wholesome breakfast of juice, toast, and fruit instead!


Memory Function

Your memory just won’t work as well as it could if you are overly tired. If you have a big day ahead of you where you need to give a speech, take a test, or any other activity that will require you to use your memory, try to get to bed on time. Otherwise you may forget something important you were supposed to say or do!


Immune System

Did you know that getting enough sleep helps boost your immune system? During cold and flu season, those who skimp on sleep are more susceptible to catching a bug than those who get their recommended 8-10 hours of sleep. Getting enough sleep has been proven to fight cancer too!

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Albert Schweitzer

Increased Stress

When you’re tired, ordinary situations can come off as more stressful than they actually are. Sleep deprivation raises your stress levels and creates physical tension in your muscles, as well as mental tension. If you have a stressful job, try getting enough sleep at night to slash your stress levels in half!


Higher Tolerance

Getting enough sleep at night can give you much higher tolerance levels! I have found that my patience for dealing with any situation or person can sometimes be much less obvious when I haven’t gotten enough sleep. Not all of us are patient people naturally, but try getting a little extra sleep at night and see if that changes anything!


Your Skin

The secret to beautiful skin doesn’t actually have as much to do with the products you use as it does with the amount of sleep you get! Of course, using the appropriate skincare products, eating the right foods, and using sun protection all matter, but if you are getting enough sleep your skin will be extra radiant all on its own! Low amounts of sleep produce sallow, saggy skin.


A Better Day

Have you ever woken up on a morning where you didn’t get much sleep and just knew it would be a bad day? Going to bed on time can prevent about half of the bad days you have! Give it a try; you’ve got nothing to lose!

Do you tend to get your 8-10 hours of recommended sleep per night, or do you just settle with 4-6 hours each night? I’d love to hear your thoughts on getting enough sleep! Please comment below and share your tips for getting enough sleep and the reasons why it’s important to let our bodies rest!

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I love how I'm reading this when its over an hour past my bedtime...

Wish I could get enough sleep AND rest. Insomnia and chronic pain sufferers tend to lack sleep and even lack rest despite having slept more than long enough. I look like crap, I'm irritable and brain-dead all the time and extremely forgetful these days. It's been years since I got a good night's sleep. I think this aspect of medicine is still too disregarded and passed over because so many people are of the opinion, "If you're tired, just go to sleep!" If only it were that simple.

I'm in a phd program and I NEVER skimp on my sleep.. trust me, the work can wait!

I feel a big difference if I sleep 5-6h or 7-10... I often nap later as well if I don't get a full night of sleep.

Sleeping an hour more every day can help you loose 5 pounds a year

Thanks Abbie

I have to get my sleep every night. 4-6 is not enough

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