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15 Reasons to Get up Early Instead of Sleeping in ...

By Jessica

There are many important reasons to get up early instead of sleeping in! It's so tempting to hit the snooze button multiple times in the morning, sneaking in that extra bit of sleep. Even on the weekends, it's desirable to relax, be lazy and sleep the morning away. Here are 7 reasons to get up early and why it isn't ideal to sleep in!

1 Avoid Stress

For me one of the biggest reasons to get up early is to avoid the stress associated with being rushed out the door. Whether it's work, an appointment, or just a coffee date, being rushed because you slept in those few extra minutes can cause unnecessary stress to the beginning of your day! That sets the tone for the whole day, including how you interact with people.

2 Productivity

Getting up early allows you time to be more productive - not just in the morning but during the whole day. Whatever your responsibilities may be, inside or outside the home, when your mind is clear and alert, you're more attentive to the tasks at hand and are able to engage better! Waking up early allows your mind time to perk up and tune in!

3 More Energy

When I oversleep, I notice I have a foggy cloud in my mind and body the rest of the day. Even with added exercise, it still remains somewhat which puts a damper on my energy levels. So to increase your energy levels, go to bed early so you can get up early!

4 Time for the Gym

Another huge reason to get up early is that it allows for time at the gym! So many of us have busy days and it's sometimes difficult to squeeze in a workout. And let's face it, at night our energy levels plummet. Getting up early even an extra 30 minutes allows for a quick cardio session to boost your endorphin levels and improve your mood for the rest of the day!

5 Eat a Bigger Breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day - a large, nutritious breakfast is ideal to jump-start your metabolism! So many times when you're rushed out the door, it's easy to grab a muffin or energy bar for some quick calories. But that's not enough to keep you going at a productive level, no matter what tasks you need to accomplish. In fact, your blood sugars can spike and then quickly dip causing you to feel more exhausted then before that muffin or bar. Getting up early allows you time to fuel your body right with a large, nutritious meal! You won't regret it when you're full of energy and clarity!

6 Straighten the House

I know for me when I leave the house, I like it to be clean so that I can return to a clean home and be able to relax. Getting up early is ideal for a 10 minute straighten-up of all the rooms in the house! Even if you don't fully acknowledge it, your mind will be at ease when things are put away and clutter is reduced.

7 Prayer and Meditation

Getting up early is important for your soul! In the early morning with the sunrise greeting you, it enables you to give some time to pray or meditate, reflecting on what's important and on the goals you want to achieve that day. Clearing your mind of negativity and feeding your soul with things above or positive affirmations, is an amazing way to change the course of the day!

8 More Relaxation Time

When you get up earlier in the morning, you have that much more time to get things done and relax. You can look forward to coming home to having fewer chores and errands since you already finished them in the morning. Who wouldn't enjoy that?

9 Quiet Time

If you have little ones, pets or other family members who constantly require your attention, getting up early is the perfect way to enjoy some quiet time alone. Even as little as 10 minutes of solitude can help you clear your mind and prepare yourself to be an even better caretaker.

10 Better Commute

One of the worst things about waking up later in the morning is having to combat horrible traffic. In some places, even as little as five minutes can make the difference between you making it work on time or having to call in late. Make things easier on yourself by waking up earlier and enjoying a smoother commute.

11 Little Things

Another great thing about waking up early is that it gives you the opportunity to work on the little things. Things such as writing in your journal, working on a craft project or spending extra time with your loved ones. Making extra time to do these things for yourself can help you start your day off right.

12 Watch the Sunrise

One of the best benefits of waking up early is that you can watch the sunrise and watch the colors of the sky change. Even if you don't consider yourself to be much of a nature lover, watching the sunrise is truly beautiful and not to be missed!

13 Have a Good Morning

Getting up early isn't a guarantee that you'll have a great morning, but it certainly helps. I don't think I've ever woken up late and felt better rested and optimistic about the day ahead. I always felt tired, rushed and started counting down the hours until I was back in bed. If you get up early with more time and a rested, clear mind, you're so much better prepared for what life throws your way.

14 Get a Head Start

If you find yourself constantly playing catch-up throughout the day, it's a perfect reason to get up early. Whether it's housework, work emails or a school project, you can easily fit in some undisturbed time to work on it early in the morning so you can focus on other important things during the day.

15 Better Sleep

Lastly and perhaps one of my favorite reasons to be an early riser is for better sleep. In an article published in Forbes, sleep experts stated that your body is more likely to get restorative sleep when you go to bed and wake up earlier. The reason being is that your body is more in tune with the earth's circadian rhythm.

As I'm writing this, I am convicted of my sleeping practices and not always spending that precious time in the morning to prepare for my day. It's hard at first, but any practice comes with diligence, attention to priorities and dedication to your goals. Do you have any other reasons to get up early that you'd love to add? Or possibly an experience about how it's helped make your day more positive?

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