7 Issues Hypnotherapy Can Be Used for ...


7 Issues Hypnotherapy Can Be Used for ...
7 Issues Hypnotherapy Can Be Used for ...

There are a number of issues hypnotherapy can be used for. The technique can help eliminate negative habits, while reinforcing more positive ones. It taps into the power of the subconscious mind, which is quite a considerable force. So why not use hypnotherapy to help improve your life? Here are just some issues hypnotherapy can be used for …

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Stopping Smoking

One of the most worthwhile issues hypnotherapy can be used for is stopping smoking. If you smoke, you'll already know how bad it is for your health, but trying to quit through willpower alone can be difficult. Hypnotherapy can help you to stop craving nicotine and to see cigarettes in a negative light.


Fear of Flying

Hypnotherapy can also be very effective if you have a fear of flying. I tried it myself when I had an upcoming flight that I felt very nervous about. After just one session, I got on that plane and coped just fine with the flight. It didn't completely remove my nerves, but it enabled me to realise that I could manage to fly, and now I don't really worry about booking a flight.


Weight Loss

Are you having trouble shifting unwanted pounds? This is another area where hypnotherapy can help, by training you to stop craving food and remove negative eating patterns. Some people have found hypnotherapy so successful that they didn't need to have gastric band surgery as planned.


Giving Birth

Some women find hypnotherapy very handy when they give birth. It's believed that using hypnotherapy in childbirth reduces your anxiety levels and may avoid the need for pain relief. That's something every mother would probably love! It may also shorten the length of labor and reduce the chances of needing a cesarean or other intervention.


Confidence & Self Esteem

Do you feel that you're lacking in confidence and that your self-esteem needs a boost? Certainly it isn't easy to change your way of thinking, which is where hypnotherapy comes in. This will work on your subconscious and help you feel more self-confident. Before long, that should become your new way of thinking.


Panic Attacks & Phobias

Panic attacks and phobias can really have a major impact upon your life and restrict your activities. Dealing with these conditions is a challenge and takes a long time to overcome. Having some sessions of hypnotherapy could make a big difference and open up the world for you.


Breast Enlargement

Yes, apparently you don't need to have surgery to achieve bigger breasts? Some practitioners claim that hypnotherapy can increase the size of your breasts. Studies have allegedly shown a significant increase in breast size for many participants. Of course, this does sound rather ridiculous, but it's definitely less invasive than surgery. So give it a go and see what happens!

Hypnotherapy is a safe method that uses your own mind to its advantage. You won't be made to do anything against your will - that makes for good stage entertainment but has nothing to do with true hypnotherapy. In fact, you will be aware throughout the session, and very relaxed. There are many other issues that it can help with, in addition to those listed above. Have you ever tried hypnotherapy, and how effective did you find it?

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I tried hypnotherapy to quit smoking.. It didnt work.

There's an app for that!!

I find hypnotherapy is good for curing insomnia!!

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