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Energy boosting foods should be included in everyone's diet. Are you feeling lethargic? Do you rely on sugary snacks to get you through the day? If you're lacking in energy, you need to rethink your diet. Replace the sugar with some of the many healthy foods that give you lasting energy. There are lots of options - try these energy boosting foods to help you feel full of beans …

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Oats Oats are one of the best energy boosting foods to start your day with. If you find yourself hungry by mid-morning and reaching for chocolate, try oats for breakfast. Granola or home-made muesli are excellent for warmer weather, and porridge will warm you up in winter. If you fancy something sweet you can also make flapjack, or use oats to make a topping for fruit.


Brown Rice & Whole Grains

Brown Rice & Whole Grains Do you usually eat white rice and pasta? Switching to the whole grain versions will give you lots more energy. Refined flour and rice lack fiber and have had the nutrition taken out of them. It might take time to get used to the different taste of whole grain foods, but your energy levels will be considerably improved.


Dried Fruit

Dried Fruit Dried fruits are a great way to give yourself a healthy energy boost. They're really convenient too for when you're at work or out and about. They're also a great snack when you're exercising. Carry a bag of mixed dried fruits in your pocket or bag so that you can dip into them whenever you feel a bit peckish.



Eggs Eggs are a brilliant way to not only get more energy, but also a good source of iron if you're vegetarian. Like oats, they're an excellent choice for breakfast and will easily keep you going until lunch. It's better to poach or boil them rather than fry though - too much fat will make you feel sluggish.



Bananas Bananas help to keep your blood sugar even as they slow down the digestion. If you prefer a light breakfast, bananas and yoghurt are a good choice. They're also an excellent (and portable) snack, so try a banana if you get hungry mid-afternoon or need an energy boost after an exercise class.


Nuts & Seeds

Nuts & Seeds Like dried fruit, nuts and seeds are a great energy-boosting snack, providing a concentrated form of energy. You can also use them to make your own trail mix and get exactly the right combination to suit your taste. Nuts and seeds can also be sprinkled over meals.



Lentils Lentils are another great source of energy, and you don't have to be vegetarian to eat them! They'll give you a slow release of energy that keeps you going for ages. Use them in soups and stews; lentil soup with whole grain bread makes an excellent lunch. If you eat meat, you can use lentils to bulk out a meat stew.

If you're feeling rather less than lively, and there's nothing medically wrong with you, then your diet could hold the answer. Pack your diet with lots of energy-boosting foods and you'll soon notice the difference. Also add plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. You might not feel like running marathons but you'll certainly find that you have more energy for your daily routine. How do you make yourself feel more energetic?

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