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Are you looking for tips to overcome negative thoughts? If you’re like most people, you’ve had enough of negative thoughts and are looking for ways to avoid giving in to these soul-sucking doubts! Negative thoughts are not only wastes of time and energy, but they can start as a small, fleeting doubt and turn into a huge ball of ugly! Keep on reading for tips to overcome negativity and stop the madness!

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Look at the Way You Think

Looking at the way you think might sound like a funny way of overcoming negative thoughts but it needs to be done! Be conscious of what you say and what your thoughts are during the day. I bet you’ll be surprised at the number of times you allow a negative thought or statement sneak into your patterns of speech and interactions!



Now that you’ve identified negative thoughts, the next tip to overcome negative thoughts is to counteract them with positive thoughts. Okay, easier said than done but we’ve all gotta start somewhere! Whenever you catch yourself thinking or getting ready to say something negative, change it to something more positive. Instead of saying exercising regularly is too hard, think of exercising as challenging and healthy!



Tips to overcome negative thoughts must include challenging them. When you come across a negative thought, challenge it by asking yourself if the thought is helpful, if you’re being unreasonable and if it’s even realistic. This is similar to counteracting negative thoughts but questioning the thought can help you see that it's incorrect and that there are also plenty of positive possibilities you’re leaving out!


Surround Yourself with Positivity

One of the more obvious tips to overcome negative thoughts is to surround yourself with positivity! Hang out with positive people, read positive quotes and books and watch happy movies and TV shows. Being in a positive environment can help you see things in a different light and challenge the way you normally think or react to things in your life!


Be Confident and Kind

Sometimes negative thoughts and low self-esteem go hand-in-hand. Overcoming negative thoughts involves being confident and kind to yourself. Be proud of your efforts and accomplishments and always speak kindly to yourself. Break the habit of speaking to yourself in a harmful and damaging way because doing so only makes those thoughts more powerful.


Be Kind to Others

When overcoming negative thoughts the focus is primarily on you but, there is a lot of value in helping others during this time too! Take time to help someone else for awhile. Not only will this help clear your mind from shifting the focus but you’ll create positive energy and feel good knowing you helped someone else!


Be Grateful

A great tip to overcome negative thoughts is to think of things you’re thankful for. Are you healthy? Do you have great friends and family? Do you have a job you enjoy or have a really fab boss? When we get into negative thinking we might want to think everything is crap, so remind yourself of the good in your life, no matter how small it might seem to you!


Open Yourself up

All of these tips to overcome negative thoughts will be ineffective unless you open yourself up to the possibility that great things can happen to you. Make a decision to break the cycle of negative thinking and be open to the thought of success and that a happy, positive life is totally achievable! Thinking positive doesn’t guarantee a perfect life but you’ll no longer be allowing negative thoughts to get in the way of your happiness!

Practice these tips to overcome negative thoughts in your daily life and you’ll gradually see some great changes within yourself! There’s no fast and easy way to change negative thought patterns, but with time and work, you can achieve anything. Do you have any tips on overcoming negative thoughts? How do you deal with them?

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Nice ideas! I would like to add one thing - try to think about future and imagine how unimportant it all will be

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